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Labia Tear... er Pulled Back Muscle


Anyone ever strain a back muscle? Sucks. I'm not even sure which muscle I aggravated. I've had a nice knot in the rhomboid/lat area that has been getting some serious massage time on door frames.

Yesterday, during back day, of course, I finally relieved the knot. The knot is gone alright, but I must have pulled a muscle. Moving my neck and twisting my trunk both aggravate pretty much the entire inner thoracic region of my right back, near to the spine. Doing weird cat-like yoga stretches hurts and feels good at the same time. If you know what I mean.

I guess it's the spinal erectors. Flexing my lats traps and rhomboid doesn't really seem to aggravate it that much, if at all. Flexing my spinal erectors doesn't necessarily hurt, either, but the right side does sensationalize uniquely.

Probably going to start a movie marathon in bed.

I can't recall ever straining a muscle on my body, anywhere. So, anyone have any advice for the back region specifically? Currently self medicating. Also taking some ibuprofen. Using a heating pad, not sure if I should be icing instead.

I vainly hoped that I would wake up this morning feeling much better, but that didn't happen. Time frames anyone has experienced? At this point I'm assuming 1 week off lifting/exercise in general; reassess, 2 week minimum hiatus from back movements; reassess. Mere speculation at this point.