Laberal Tear - Out for 8 Months

So I have bin a lurker here for about a year and now im finally getting around to making a profile.

I play hockey for my HS (sophomore), about a month and a half ago in Pre–season I got hit from behind and fell flat on my face. I?m used to falling but this time when I went down put my arms out and came down on my hands, both my elbows locked and I wound up badly dislocating my left and fucking up my right badly too. So I couldn?t move my left (it was out of the socket for like 5minets) and my right hurt like a mother fucker for the rest of the game.

Now that sucks but this is were it gets fun. This hurt like hell. A month of Working through the pain later (very dumb) I went to see a dock and had an MRI done. My Labrum is almost completely detached on my left side. Getting surgery this December.

My Doc says I can?t play sports for 8 months (Rehab?). No hockey, no lacrosse, no lifting this year.

I?m actually kind of depressed, because ive bin playing hockey for the last 10 years, always bin a big part of my life can?t imagine not playing.

Any one go through this before?
How?s the Rehab (8 MONTHS???)


This is a somewhat common injury among volleyball players, from all the hitting. A teammate of mine had a torn labrum, got surgery done in early May, the arm was essentially immobile for a good portion of the summer, but by later summer/early fall he could get back in the weightroom and start with some very light dumbbell presses, board pushups, etc.

By late fall he had regained a lot of strength and by January he wasn’t quite full strength but was back in the lineup playing and by 8 months it was like brand new.

I have the same thing, only not as bad of a tear so I am playing through it right now now and will probably get the surgery after the season in May.