Label Reading/Nutrition Experiences

Today I was out in Tesco (a supermarket in Britain) I picked up a one litre chocolate milkshake and walked over to the counter with my friend.
I checked out the back of the milkshake and saw the amount of carbs in it.
20g of carbohydrates per 100ml… I instantly thought what the fudge is up with this sh*t.
I instantly set off on a walk through the crowds of strange looking people who never get out of the way I thought no problem they want to get in the way I’m not moving and I’m bigger so once I got through the crowd I put it back and went to rejoin my friend.
He said what the hell was up with you, you look like you just found anthrax.

Do you guys have any similar experiences?
This is pretty much the first time it’s happened to me since I’m getting stricter with my diet.

It was a store-bought chocolate milkshake – what, pray tell, did you expect?

It’s more fun to watch other people read the labels. Like when my brother thought that he could lose weight be drinking two Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes made with milk for lunch every day. After about two weeks I told him to compare it’s nutrition label with that of a Snickers bar. It’s scary that shit gets passed as a “complete breakfast”, it’s fucking candy!