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label precautions of MAG-10

I read a few posts from some diabetics who debated whether MAG-10 would be safe for them to use despite the label warning against it. Bill chimed in to say that the label means what it says and that diabetics should not use it. The label also says it should not be used by men with heart disease. While I don’t have heart disease, I do have mitral valve prolapse, which I understand is a “normal” abnormality. Should I avoid MAG-10, also? I used it for about 5 days but decided to discontinue it because it made me feel more tense and anxious (and possibly even caused me to experience a few heart palpitations). I cannot blame this completely on the MAG-10 because I’ve been going through some stressful times the last couple of weeks and it could just be that but I thought I’d throw the question to my fellow T-folk and see what you all think. Thanks.

The problem here really is that when it comes to having an adverse medical condition or disease, it really takes in-depth knowledge of the condition or disease AND of effects of androgens to be able to answer.

As another person pointed out on the diabetes thread, it would be possible for someone to have enough knowledge to be able to use androgens while having diabetes; but my concern is that many people won’t and could
make a potentially harmful or deadly mistake.

In your case, it’s not a question of having
the knowledge of how to do it, but whether
or not it actually is safe with this condition. I don’t have
that knowledge, I’m sorry to say.