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Label Claims

Does anyone know of any third party supplement reviews on the market that actually verify different supplement manufacturer’s label claims?

It is pretty rare to have these tests done as they are expensive and often have no financial benefit to any company. Consumerlab.com and cspi.org may be good places to start.

I’m not sure of actual written evidence, but I have heard that Worldwide products (such as Pure Protein, Protein Revolution, etc.) are notorous for having essentially no resemblance to what the label indicates.

Check these guys out: consumerlab.com.
They are fairly new, and serve both commercial and consumer markets. Not too many reviews yet, but they claim more on the way…

Consumerlabs.com is paid by the companies whose products they test. They will list who passed but won’t say who failed. I subscribed. I’m not sure if it’s worth the money though. They reviewed protein bars. They said that Met-Rx 100 gram bars met label claim and so did PowerBar protein bars. I don’t know what brands failed.

I once seen a book put out by"ASTSS labs" and they had been an independent company that tested most major products.I am not sure if they are still around or if they are on the web.Anyhow,has anyone else heard of such a company?