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Labcorp Tests

I have convinced my doctor to let me try Labcorp for my blood tests (turn around on the tests being a big reason). He is not familiar with their exact tests and I know you guys are. I have asked for:

Cortisol AM 104018
Pregnenlone 500773
Vitamin D 081950
Estradial 140244
DEHA 004020
FT3 010389
FT4 224576
TSH 224576
RT3 002212
Testosterone 140103
Free Test 140103
SHBG 082016
Hemog A1C 001453
Ferritin 004598
DHT 500142
PSA 010322

I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me make sure that I am asking for the correct test numbers. From their web site I tried to guess but some are a bit unclear. In addition, for Thyroid and Test there are some combined tests where the numbers are repeated above. I am paying for this out of my pocket. Is there a more effective way to order these same tests, like in a bundle, where the price will be lower?

Thanks a lot.


I can’t really help with your questions. The only advice I can give is to make sure you get DHEA-S and not DHEA. Both can be done but you want the -S one.

If you are doing this out of pocket, then yeah try to find the bundled ones…the Labcorp technician should be able to help you identify which ones…I know Quest does a Total/Free/Bioavailable T bundle, as well as LH/FSH and also a thyroid panel that includes TSH, FT3, FT4…

Unless you have reason to suspect low pregneolone, that test is probably unnecessary…

If you are on TRT, you will probably want to include a full CMP and Hematology panel to track your liver and kidney markers…

If you are paying out-of-pocket, LEF allows you to order them easily enough through their website. They have all you are looking for as both single tests and in various bundles.

While they might be a tad pricey if you are not a member, my recommendation would be to shell out the money (I think it’s $75/yr) and join up. They run sales on blood tests every spring so if you buy all the tests you need for the year during this time, you’d more than make up that membership fee.

Thanks for the input guys. To be completely clear, I must pay for my lab work until my deductible is hit but it is so high I never will be. The good news is that I will only pay the rate the the insurance company would pay, which may total $400, but much cheaper that if I just walked in and asked for the tests.

VTBalla34 - I will try to get my Dr to add those tests. I have been on HRT for about 6 months so a general workup makes sense. Pregneolone was a bit low 6 months ago so that is why I chose to test it. I will be carrying in the order from the Dr but he has no idea about the codes they use. I had to go to the Labcorp web site and figure them out myself. Given that I will be walking in with this, do you think the tech will still work with me to get the right tests? Can anyone comment about if the ones I chose were the right ones for the names?

Yes as long as the script has the right names on them, the tech will help you figure them out…if there are question, they will call your docs office…


this is the cheapest way to labcorp tests