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Labcorp or Online Self-Testing?

Could anyone tell me whether I can get labs through Labcorp myself, without going through a provider? In other words, just make an appointment, pick the labs I want to see, and pay out of pocket. Is there a better place to go through than LC? Perhaps some online lab people have had great experiences with?

It depends on the State you are in if in the US. MA allows it. Check out these sites. You can order through Labcorp or Quest:

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What state are you in?

I’m in MN.

Then yes, I have done it in MN. I recommend going to discountlabs.com to buy your lab work. Quest is going to be cheaper here than LabCorp, but different with ranges.

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Great to know. Thanks for the information!

I need to pull some blood work myself. I am thinking going with this test.

I’ll probably add some thyroid labs to it. It doesn’t use all the traditional markers that are normally used (for liver and kidney), but should be telling if something is out of order. They assert the tests they do for liver and kidney are better for a bodybuilder / strength athlete. Seems reasonable I know liver values for me can vary quite a bit based on how hard I pushed myself the evening before.

Where you from roughly in MN? I am from the south metro area.

Yeah, I was thinking I would do some thyroid panels myself. I’ll need to take a closer look at what’s available. Also the typical hormonal panels. I’m not working with anyone currently, and it’s been a while since I’ve done bloodwork.

I’m also in South Metro, Bloomington. Are you working with a TRT clinic around here?

I am running solo as well (just on 200 mg/wk, no AI, no HCG). I was working with a telemedicine TRT clinic, but I just found it to be a lot of hoop jumping, and extra expense.

I work in Bloomington.

Same exact! Keep it simple, no issues, no issues that make things complex, never any questions, so figure not worth the expense. That said, I probably will eventually find a clinic. UGL?

I go UGL yes. I was getting UGL at my gym, but that dried up. Now online stuff.

I think some guys are more difficult cases with TRT, and just don’t feel right, until they get within a window of hormones. I think I feel pretty good with a wide window of dosing.

I also didn’t like the stigma of getting TRT checkups with my PCP at 31 y/o at the time. It is something many of them just don’t understand. What is so bad about wanting to look and feel awesome? I don’t think many understand just how little risk is actually there.

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