Labcorb TT and FT Upper Test Range Cutoff

I am on a larger T dose now and my results were FT>49 and TT>1500. So we have do not know what the levels actually are. Has anyone else run into these cutoff points before?

If you have had higher numbers than the above post what lab was did the work.
My hemoglobin and hematocrit are just barely above normal range, so no problem there [yet].

These higher T numbers also produced a higher Albumin level, which increases the ability to carry T as albumin bound T [a good thing].

Yes, I ran into the exact same thing. I had bloodwork done on Tuesday of this week and got the results today. They read Exactly like yours for these two items. This is the first time that my results have read like that since I’ve been using them. I have been on the same dose of T for quite some time now and it normally hovers around the 1200 - 1300 range depending on when bloodwork is done relative to a T shot.

I also noticed that they have changed their “normal” range for Total T as well. As recently as 6 months ago the upper end was shown as 827; the report that I received today showed the upper range as 800.

Range changed: Did you have a birthday lately? Those levels are age adjusted and can change as you reach different ages.