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Lab Work, Wait for IR or Just Go?


Absurdly long time lurker, finally researching suspected years of hormone issues. Read and digested stickies as best I could. I ordered the Life Extension male blood panel and will post with full suggested write up once it is done. Don’t have a doc or anything at the moment, just trying to figure out what’s what.

I took the advice in the thyroid thread and measured temp upon waking and afternoon. After several days of about 96 degree readings in both morning and afternoon, I decided to start on IR and have been going for two days so far at 25 mg lodoral per day with 200 mcg selenium. Will up dosage to 50 as tolerance allows. Also (before I made the decision to pursue this) started taking alpha male about two weeks ago.

To get down to brass tacks, should I wait to finish IR before getting the labs? If waiting for IR is not necessary, do I need to wait any amount of time to ensure the alpha male isn’t skewing results as well? This forum has been extremely valuable and informative, any help would be greatly appreciated.