Lab Work Results, Need Input

I am new to this forum and need any input before my meeting tomorrow morning with my physician.

Two weeks ago I had blood work done and just recieved my lab work results.

Cholesterol 204
LDL Chol 136

WBC 5.4
RBC 5.25
HCB 15.5
HCT 44.7
MCV 85
MCHC 34.8
RDW 13.3
PLT 216
PSA .31
Free Testosterone 7.6
Vitamin B12 850
25-Hydroxy Vitamin D 27
Free T4 .80
TSH 3.27

The nurse of my Physician called in a prescription for Cholesterol and Androgel. I refused the Androgel because of my lack of knowledge and felt maybe a little rushed.

For a little background of myself.
40 years old
250 lbs
38" waist

I have a lack of energy, drive, poor erections, headaches, depression/anxiety, mild insomnia, and feel “old”. I used to excercise/workout regularly until a few years ago due to not enough time. My work schedule and kids absorb my day.I eat very clean thanks to my wife’s healthy lifestyle. No history of drug or alchohol abuse and no steroid history. My marriage is great and am financially secure.

My anxiety has always been severe since puberty. No child hood issues that would have caused this.

Current meds are Klonopin for Anxiety as needed. Usually my intake is about 2 times a week at 1 MG.

Are there natural supplements that can help elevate Testosterone? I know that I really need to find time to start working out again for my health.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my Physician to go over my lab work. Please give me your thoughts on what I should be asking for in terms of additional lab work and reasons for my decline of Androgel.


Hi eagle,

Could you please edit your post and add lab ranges for the lab results?

Natural supplements for T increase are generally not very effective. Assuming that Free T is in pg/mL, you will need something much more effective than OTC meds or supplements in order to get your Free T to a reasonable level (~20 pg/mL would be great).

Your fT4 (free T4) is right at the bottom end of the ‘normal’ range, and your TSH is elevated. You likely have hypothyroidism, which could exacerbate low T. Correcting your thyroid issue might allow your T levels to self-correct.

You absolutely must get your vitamin D levels up. Are you taking a supplement? You should be taking at least 6k I.U. of Vit D per day (some people take a single dose of 50k I.U. once per week - your body stores Vit. D rather than trying to use it all at once, so this is not unhealthy).

You should get the following tests. I am trying to order these by importance.
Cortisol (4-test saliva test kit or AM; if there’s an issue, 4-test is more useful, but AM can give some indication)
Thyroid antibodies
Free T3
Estradiol (E2; make sure you get the right test, read the stickies)
Total Testosterone
Reverse T3

Others may recommend more tests. I’d say that these 10 are essential in order to get a baseline idea of what’s going on beyond your thyroid issue.