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Lab Work Help, Test and Estrogen

Ok long story short is that I’m a 31 yo male and I see my endocrinologist every six moths for labs. Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with high prolactin. She placed me on TRT at 200mg per week and Cabergoline .25 twice per week. I am off the TRT and am just taking the Cabergoline. I will list my most resent results and please let me know what you think. My concern is my estrogen level. I know it’s in the “normal” range but sometimes I feel emotional over dumb stuff like a tv show or something also will feel anxiety over small things. I also have been told by buddies at the gym that I seem to be holding water weight and that it looks like my estrogen may be high. Whatever that’s worth. I do seem to hold fat around chest, side and abdomen but just thought that was my “body type”. I have a tough time cutting fat in those areas even with a strict diet. A buddy is going to give me some Letrozole but I wanted to get some input before I take it.

Here are my results

31 yo white male

5’11” 230-235lbs

Test F+W bound 172.3 ng/dl

Test % F+W bound 27.4%

Test Total 628.7 ng/dl

Hematocrit 45%

Prolactin 11.0 ng/ml

Estradiol 28.3 pg/ml

Appreciate the info and help.

You’re going to need to see what your SHBG levels are in order to formulate an effective plan. Your estrogen is okay.

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Very strange, never seen anyone with these labs before. It’s best to just test Free T directly.

I can’t even calculate your Free T without SHBG and it will be hard to figure out how much of that E2 is free.

Ok well I will request her to test my SHGB when I get my labs done again. I don’t guess I have ever had that done. She always test me with these labs.

I was mostly worried about the estrogen levels. The more I got to reading here last night and online in general it seemed that they may be at an “ok” level. You think they are good?

Ok. Well I appreciate it. These are the way she always has ran my labs. She has never done SHGB I’ll have to more research on that. I think she knows a lot more about my prolactin that TRT. When I first got on that I pretty much dosed myself. I just weaned myself off a few years ago since I was so young i wanted to see if my natural t would come back since my prolactin was under control. I’m sure it was all messed up from taking random cycles and cocktails when I was in high school and college. I just didn’t want to start early on TRT and when I got older have to stop. I’m trying to hold out on that as long as I can. Thanks for your input. So what should I request for labs in detail?

I think they are okay…that’s roughly where I’m at. I don’t have the ranges in front of me but I think that’s right in the middle.

It’s important to know your SHBG because that will tell you how much of that estrogen is actually available to your body…SHBG blocks testosterone and estrogen.

I don’t think your estrogen is high at all. Possibly a little high for your t levels but cannot say that for sure as I am not a doctor. I would stay away from the letrozole though. Your not too high to begin with and there is a good chance that a full blown AI drug will crash your estrogen. Crushing your estrogen is not a good idea. Maybe look into DIM or consume more broccoli as they will help your body metabolize the estrogen better before going to a drug.

Yes its pretty much dead in the middle. There was an article that I read on here last night on Estrogen and where I am is where I should be according to it. I will defiantly request she draws labs for SHBG on my next labs in September. The range that’s on my lab work for Estradiol is 7.6-42.6 PG/ML and im at 28.3.

Ok cool, thanks for the advise and input. I defiantly didn’t want to take the Letrozole and bottom out my E. I’m trying to maintain all my levels without RX at this point as long as I can. I will try to throw some more greens and broccoli in my diet. Not gonna lie there isn’t much for veggies in there.

Oh I figured, this indicates your doctor has no idea what she’s doing. Most endocrinologists are operating in the dark when TRT is concerned, no training, no knowledge.

Most of the time they are just managing a lab value and don’t really know jacksh*t about hormones. Private doctors are more forward thinking and have critical thought.

Yeah I was referred to her on the Prolactin issue I had…she was iffy in the TRT and I pretty much set the dose myself on that when I was taking it…she agreed and seen that my labs were good so she was fine with it. If my T drops again ill probably go to a urologist to deal solely with my T issue. As for now I think I have it pretty well under control with my diet and exercise. As long as my body will maintain I want to keep that as long as I can.

Are you very muscular, or overweight.

Unfortunately a urologist will probably not be a great help to you. As stated above, a vast majority of MD’s are not trained in TRT (or hormones in general) and your needs will not be met by them.

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Did they check your pituitary?

I wouldn’t say your E2 is TOO high, but it might be too high for your test level, making you estrogen dominant, and why you feel emo, and maybe a little bloated. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about that though. Do you know where your SHBG is? Ranges on your labs would be nice also.

This is asking for trouble.

Yes they checked pituitary…that’s why im on cabergoline…What’s asking for trouble?

Letrozole, lowering your E2. Unless your growing tits, you have no reason to be messing with this. Not with an AI at least.

That’s what I was trying to find out…If my Estrogen was at a level that I should worry about lowering it…or if it was at a “norm” level

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