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Lab Work - Estrogen Results


Hoping to get a little interpretation here. I have been on T Therapy for about 5 months now. Longs story trying to work this all out with the doc and am in the process of finding another. But for now I have been moved to 200ml weekly from 200 bi-weekly about 4 weeks ago. My doc did not seem to think that at this dose Estrogen would be any issue, however since I started T I have not been able to lose a single pound no matter what I do.

So I did a independent Estrogen test 2 weeks ago. The lab was able to do a Dihydrostestorterone and Total Estrogen Test. Doc will be testing my T again shortly so I figures why pay for that again.

My results were:

Dihydrotestosterone 59 ng/dL with reference range of 30-85
Estrogen's, Total 135 pg/mL with reference range of 40-115

So my estrogen's seem high. However what I do not have a good handle on is how high does it need to be before I have serious bad effects (Gynecomastia, weight gain and the rest). Its only about 20 over range, so part of me is thinking that it might be affecting weight loss but not so super high that I should be running for the hills.

However, since I am so new to all of this I thought I would ask.

Also, I noticed from a recent KSman post that I should not test for Total Estrogen's but rather test for E2. However my current lab only offers Estradiol and Estrogen. Is E2 one of those or another test altogether and if so any independent lab suggestions for the Midwest.




They cannot test E2/estradiol? That is total BS!!!

What are you going to do to reduce your E2 levels?

You are now injecting 400mg/week? [Weekly injections create T spikes that make E2 worse and swinging T levels make a balanced use of anastrozole impossible.]

You can get labs from LEF.com and pay out-of-pocket.


My bad, by by-weekly I meant once every two weeks. So 200 a week now. I am checking out LEF right now. Thanks for the pointer.


200mg a week...and no E control. No wonder your E levels are high
Most of us do injections E3D or 2x/week


k, finally got my tests straight and received the correct Estradiol results. They are:

Estradiol 74.2 pg/mL on range of 7.6-42.6

So they are almost twice the high end of the scale. Now I have some proof to argue with the doc about. However for my education and back to my first question, how high does it need to be before I start seeing the more serious side effects (Gynecomastia, weight gain and the rest).

Or am I already seeing it with my difficulty in losing weight.


Worst estrogen poisoning that I can recall.


everyone is different genetically so there is no way to know when you personally will start developing more symptoms. It depends on your SHBG, liver function, etc.

but yes, 74 is wayyyy too high and needs to be fixed.

biweekly shots = extra aromatase = extra E2
go to E3D shots = less hormonal highs and low = less aromatase = less E2
if you push your T above your personal optimal point then your body will react by dumping more T to E2 or DHT or by pushing DHEA past your T directly to Estrone.

200mg a week is a HUGE dose.
if you need more than 100mg a week then your system is more than likely signaling that there is something else wrong - and you are trying to treat it by overdosing on T which normally won't work in the long run.

check your Thyroid, Cortisol, Vitamin D25OH, Magnesium, ferritin, etc.


Thanks, this helps. I really gotta find another doc. This one was happy to put me on T but has no real interest in Hcg or the rest. In fact his statement on Hcg was that kinda like, well if we did that it would increase your T, but we are already doing that so why complicate things. Not those words but if you read behind the lines that is pretty much what he said. Which is why I think he took me from 200 every other week to 200 weekly. For him probably simpler to get the T up that way without having to prescribe or monitor the rest. I know on his recent tests all he did was T levels, so that kind of says it all.

Anyway, at the very least I am going to use this test to get him to help me get the Estrogen under control while I look for another doc.

If anyone has any suggestions for a good doc in the Chicago area let me know. I have been looking in the burbs, but I am thinking I will have to expand the search.


check out the finding an HRT doctor sticky.

good luck.


If you are in Chicago, I think Dr. Crisler in Lansing, MI is less than 4 hours from you....a bit of a hike, but the man all but invented the field of TRT and is one of its most-respected practioners. He will work with you remotely after an initial visit I do believe.


Dave, I would seriously be going somewhere else quick. Welcome to the club, we all have experienced ignorant doctors. Call some compounding pharms in your area and ask which docs prescribe the protocol. Then call the docs and ask direct questions before you make an appt. will save you time and money.
I would stop the 200mg/week as of yesterday...that's just ridiculous. Too much T is just as bad, it doesn't work that way.