Lab Work Done. Low Vitamin D/Low Test

I’m almost 35 years old. 5’7" 190lbs 28% bodyfat.

For several years I’ve felt run down, no energy, low sex drive, and have had a very hard time dropping fat and gaining muscle.

I had to find a new Doctor. I explained every thing to her. She did lab work this morning and I got the results a little bit ago. I have a extreme vitamin d deficiency. I’m on 50,000iu’s once a week for 5 weeks.

Several years ago I had lab work done and they just checked my test levels. They were in the 300/400’s back then. I was complaining of no energy, low sex drive, felt like I couldn’t put on muscle, and overall just always feeling foggy. I still feel that way to this day.

Vitamin D is 22.4
Normal is 30-100

Based off these numbers. What do you guys think? By no means do I want to just jump right into TRT for the rest of my life. But I do want to start feeling better and hopefully find a way to raise my levels.

I am no good when it comes to understanding this stuff. I was searching google and came across this forum and it will now be my new home for a long time! I’m enjoying the info. (i did some searching before posting) I’d appreciate any advice and information anyone can give me.

I have a lot to learn when it comes to this stuff and I’m eager to learn to live a longer healthier lifestyle.

I see no Free T results. If all you have is Total T, then you don’t really know how bad your situation really is.

TRT is a lifelong commitment, you go on and stay on unless you don’t mind feeling like a older version of yourself.

It sounds like you’re in a diseased state based on your symptoms.

What is your A1C?

some reason the pictures of my labs didn’t load.

i’m trying to load them

These are about the same numbers I had when diagnosed with low-T. I also had a diabetes diagnosis to go with it, low SHBG (11) and a vitamin D deficiency.

I was a walking metabolic disaster.

I’m trying to find my A1C on the list

I’m not seeing it. She ordered a full panel though. I’d upload everything but there’s just so many different results.

wow! I’ve had the low sex drive, low sex drive, and just overall feel foggy for years. I do get pretty irate pretty easy as well.

What dose of TRT are you on? Has it improved your life?

So how bad are my numbers? I see the ranges but how bad are they? I’m not good with medical stuff and don’t know much about it. My doctor hasn’t sat down and talked to me yet. I imagine her nurse will call me monday.

I’m on Jatenzo, an oral T capsule (237mg) taken twice daily, which is very expensive ($1000+ per month) if not covered by insurance.

My A1C dropped 4% in 3 months. The first thing I noticed is energy levels and body comp changes within serveral weeks.

The sexual parameters are taking a bit longer to correct.

You easily qualify for TRT and the standards are quite high to be able to get TRT.

My Hemoglobin is 15 gm/dl
hematocrit is at 44%
WBC is at 7.9K/CUMM
RBC is at 4.79 M/CUMM

I didn’t know they made capsules. I have state insurance so I’m hoping they would cover a lot of it.

Sounds like you’re on the road to recovery which is good. Hopefully things level out soon

Jatenzo has only been on the market for 2 years and very few people actually know about it.

I have Medicare and the only reason they are paying for it is because my doctor gave me a medical exception due to treatment failure on all other formulations of TRT.

Thank you and to you as well.

Pretty much looks as though you have two choices, TRT or no TRT. It’s doubtful you can raise your testosterone through other means enough to make a significant difference.

Did you get any other tests? LH, FSH, E2, TSH, fT3, fT4?

You don’t think raising vitamin D will correct the issue?

I don’t see those other tests on the results. But she said she did a full lab. They took 4 vials.

I’ll keep looking. Could they be listed as other names?

Unlikely enough to make a difference, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

luteinizing hormone
follicle stimulating hormone
thyroid stimulating hormone
free T3
free T4

No I don’t think so. Your doctor should have looked more closely at your thyroid and A1C do to the low SHBG result.

I’ll see what she says tomorrow. I just don’t understand it because she said a full panel and she was testing for everything. But it seems like that is not the case.