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Lab Work and Medications


I'm 24 with hashimotos and hereditary hemochromatosis.

Several weeks ago, I had some blood work done. At the time I was on 2.5 grains of armour:

Free T3 5.63 2.77-5.27 HIGH
Free T4 1.27 0.78-2.19
TSH <0.015
DHEA 161 110-510
E2 57 13-54 HIGH
T Total 549 250-1100
%Free T 1.25 1.5-2.2 LOW
Free T 68.7 35-155
Reverse T3 31 11-32

The doc put me on 1 mg arimidex twice a week and kept the armour constant at 2.5 grains.

I've been on the arimidex for several weeks and haven't seen any improvements in my main problem which is:

I have almost a complete lack of sexual desire. I can force myself to get an erection, but I have very little interest in sex and usually lose the erection after a minute or so. Plus, my orgasms are very weak. Basically, my libido is shot.

I think my problem may lie with the high shbg (low free T percentage). I have had high shbg on every blood test (4 of them) for the past year, but this is the first time I have had high E2, so I doubt E2 is the cause, and quite frankly, I doubt the validity of the E2 test.

With my shbg apparently very high, I wonder if I need high normal T levels to compensate? Hemochromatosis is associated with hypogonadism, so perhaps my high SHBG is masking testosterone deficiency by superficially increasing total T levels.

Does anybody have any suggestions or advice? Thanks


all you said was Armour and Arimidex - what else are you taking? vitamins/supplements/medications

you can also see that your RT3 is super high (should be around 11) and your Free T3 is also wayyyy too high which has to be causing all sorts of problems such as burning through your cortisol not leaving enough to work with your testosterone.

I would recommend gettig an 8am Cortisol blood test and ferritin test (+D25-OH is always good to throw in there + others from the blood test sticky if you like) Once get the low results back ($100 bet that it is under 10, $500 that it is at least under 15), then you can work on fixing your cortisol, reducing your Armour (or changing to T3 only to help rid the RT3 from your system) may also help (no need to keep feeding your system that much T4). The extra cortisol will also help lower your E2 without the need for arimidex.

check out thyroid-rt3.com and stopthethyroidmadess.com/things-we-have-learned

they have some amazing information which should directly relate to your case. focus on the RT3 issues for now and your cortisol and maybe consider reducing your arimidex down.

High E2 drives higher SHBG. It is a vicious cycle.