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Hey errybody, so I’ve been on TRT now for about 10 weeks. The first 7 weeks I was doing one injection a week. The last 3 weeks I take 100 of test cyp split in two injections a week as well as 500iu of hcg 2x a week same day as my test injections. My labs appointment unfortunately fell on the same day as I inject, I injected in the morning at 8 am and had my labs done at 1:30 pm. I just got my labs back. See below. Do you think my Total T would be higher if it was taken a day later since I injected morning of labs? Free T is high, is that a problem? How does my Estradiol and SHBG look? Overall I feel pretty good, sex drive is good, mood is fine. Definitely an improvement since I started, nothing super drastic but I can tell live is a bit better. Thanks for looking and any information!

TESTOSTERONE,FREE BY DIALYSIS - 22.5 ng/dL 4.85 - 19.0 ng/dL
TESTOSTERONE,TOTAL BY LC-MS/MS - 593 ng/dL 240 - 950 ng/dL
LH <0.7 mIU/mL mIU/mL
FSH 0.4 mIU/mL mIU/mL
SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN- 13.4 nmol/L 10 - 57 nmol/L

You need a higher dose

You think that because I took my dose that morning effected the results, or should of it still been higher?

It should have been higher without taking your shot that morning. The fact that you did take your shot and there was already some leaching into your bloodstream says that your trough is probably much lower than that

Maybe the next day. Next time, go in the morning, prior to your injection.

No. Free test is higher because SHBG is low.


I am not sure I would change anything then. Maybe give it a couple more months and re-evaluate. Going forward, no need to check FSH and LH while on TRT.

Thanks Jimmy, you see any other issues with my labs I should look into?

Thanks, appreciate the response. Is my SHGB too low, or since its in range it should be ok?
Maybe should see about doing 125 a week instead of 100 and see where that puts me. Next time I will definitely take the labs before my shot.


Did you explain what happened to your Dr? I mean i guess your FT is good and there probably wasnt too much already active from the shot so if you feel good then you feel good why change it. Low shbg guys can get away with lower TT. However you most likely would feel better with higher levels

Low SHBG can be a sign of insulin resistance, it’s not considered good by the medical community at large.

Yea thats what I was reading, is there any way to raise SHBG?

Go on Metformin. Crashing your test levels long term will do it (not a recommendation).

Will metforin crash T levels?

You have little control over SHBG, if insulin resistance/obesity is suppressing SHBG and you correct the insulin resistance, SHBG may very well increase.

No. It will not unless you are really weird.

SHBG Study

Metformin increases SHBG. High SHBG is considered a marker of longevity.