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Lab Timing Question


My guess is this has been covered, but for the life of me I can't find it in the stickies or via search.

When on the sticky 'injection protocol' (2xs a week T injection/EOD AI/EOD HCG) when is the best timing of labs to give you a good representation of where you're at and to use for refining dosages?

Reason I asked is because I believe I skewed my last labs do to timing with protocol. Either that or I got hit with a E2 value (6) that was just wrong as it did not match my mood or T levels. I was feeling good and wood was good for 3 weeks prior!

In addition I just added (2nd injection last night) 250 hcg to my protocol so I want to have somewhat reliable results next time around. I get it that the lab result values fluctuate hourly but wanted to be in the ball park to make refinements and of course take into account how I'm feeling.

Looking at the calendar the next time all 3 components (T/AI/HCG) will be taken on the same day is October 16th , 20th, 30th, then Nov 3rd (Shortest is roughly 1 week post HCG added and longest roughly 4 weeks post HCG added). The day after they line up is a day off followed by AI and HCG the following day.

So having just added the 3rd component of the triad, how many weeks should I wait and what would be the best timing around that week's protocol?



Here’s what I decided since I didn’t get any thoughts on my post.

I’ll do my next set of labs on November the 5th. That will be 1 month post adding HCG to my T+AI protocol outlined in the stickies. (T 2xs week,hcg/AI eod)

It will also be 2 days past taking all 3.

Any thoughts on that?



Here is what I do. I get tested the same time for all of my labs. In other words… I inject on Sunday and Wed. I always get my blood work on Wed. before my shot. The actual number may not represent a “perfect” reading but a “perfect” reading is impossible because testosterone fluctuates wildly throughout the day. Having consistent injection days and consistent blood tests allows one to adjust the dosages accordingly.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the response. I may do that and take the AI and HCG after the test instead of the night before as normal.

I just think I skewed my E2 test last time by taking the AI the night before since the reading was 6. Yet I felt great that day and several weeks prior. I had a surgical procedure the day after which through everything out of whack for a week or so. So I didn’t know if it just dropped and would have settled there or not.

I treated it as me being an AI over responder since it was my first lab since taking an AI. But in retrospect I’m pretty sure I’m not since I felt like crap on the lower dose of AI. After slowly increasing the dosage back to about the 100mg T to 1 mg AI ratio I’m starting to feel much better.

I just don’t want to screw the next labs up and get readings that are not reliable.

No doubt it’s trial and error and takes awhile to dial in.