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Lab Timing for Blood Draw After Inject?


I have seen so many different answers on this, so I wanted to ask T-Nation what protocol you recommend

So ,I’m taking 250mgs of Testosterone E ‘twice’ a week for a total of 500mgs per week.
So I want to do a mid-cycle lab to see how everything is looking, E-2 ,compounds ,etc.
I’ve seen that about 4-5 weeks is about ‘Peak’ levels… Mid-Cycle
My question : how many (days)or (hours) should I wait between my ‘last injection’ too lab draw??.

So say I inject 250mgs of Test E today " Thursday " , how many days should I wait to go get my blood drawn LC/MS/MS to get “Real Numbers” I’m really confused on this one.


The half life of test is around 7 days, by pinning every 3-4 days you are keeping your levels from peaks and valleys (all which is great). I would take it the day before your next shot. Thats the lowest your levels are going to be.


So at ‘LabCorp’ at that same dose’s 500mg per week Test E = 2x 250mg – 48 hours after last pin !! Same on all 3 labs 250mg Test E e3.5 =500mg per week
Brand Test xxxxx 52 Days on
Total ,LC/MS 2575.2
Free Test (Direct) 750.0

Brand Test different Brand xxxxx 56 days on
Total , LC/MS 2709
Free Test (Direct) 832.8

Brand Test another Brand xxxx 50 days on
Total ,LC/MS 1692.6
Free (Direct) 46.5

So my last compound the supplier said I didn’t follow protocol / 7 days after last pin to get labs drawn… I know ‘endo’ say 7 days… I’m just trying to get it right.
Still, the last one doesn’t even out, IN My Mind… Any thoughts ???