Lab Tests, Any Input?

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You need estrogen and SHBG tested, SHBG should be considered in designing a TRT protocol. SHBG will influence Total T and Free T and if on the lower end, midrange Total T can achieve good Free T levels, if higher you may need more Total T to have good Free T levels.

Below are tests I used every 6 months or to see what a new protocol achieves.

Total T
Free T

What is your protocol?

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Your protocol is 100mg twice weekly which is too much for the majority of men, estrogen will likely become a problem. You really need to locate a doctor that knows what their doing. Insuranced base doctors typically are clueless on how to do TRT.

You have to run labs to determine a proper protocol, only doctors with experience can read your blood biomarkers and you surely don’t learn that in medical school. Unless you’re a doctor who wants to start his/her own practice in anti-aging and wellness, you’re not going to care much about learning how to do TRT.

The Xanax (benzodiazepine) and the Effexor (nerve pain medication) both cause low testosterone and doesn’t even know the name of the testosterone he’s prescribing, this should fill you with confidence.[sarcastic]

I was on Klonopin for 30 years (benzodiazepine) very similar to Xanax, it’s the same stuff with a much shorter half life. Klonopin is the reason why I’m on TRT in the first place, it screwed up my pituitary output of LH which stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone.

How did you end up getting off the klonopin after 30 years?

A slow 10 month taper, I had to cut the pills into smaller pieces. The alternative of not getting off these drugs is known, permanent impairment and memory problems.

It was hell on earth!

Hell on earth it is. I was taking 3mg a day now down to 1mg and still tapering. It’s crazy hard. Ok. Thx for all your help I’ll post once I get assays in new year. Have good holidays

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You’re protocol is not ideal for you, SHBG is lower, estrogen very high and are aromatising a lot, you need to increase injection frequencies, more frequent the better the outcome. It’s a certainty if you want estrogen lowest, daily injections will achieve it, less frequently, estrogen will likely be higher.

Describe diet and avoid eating past 6pm as metabolic rates drop in the evening as food sits in your gut all night increasing triglycerides. A good diet, exercise plan and not eating past 6pm will lower triglycerides, otherwise you risk increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, including obesity and metabolic syndrome.

I know your TSH looks good, Free T3 can still be low or not optimal. Optimal Free T3 levels are associated with fat burning potential, often correcting low Free T3 levels will see fat melt right off with little effort. Eating lots of veggies will lower estrogen.

How do you feel on TRT energy wise and how long on current protocol?

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You need to shake this AI thought process out of your thinking and start thinking about injecting smaller amounts of T more frequently to lower estrogen. We have a lot of AI over-responders on more than just this forum, blocking DHT or estrogen for that matter isn’t healthy.

Estrogen puts minerals in bones, so blocking it is bad. Alcohol will increase estrogen conversion, you’re basically tell your body to make more estrogen.

Have a look at my thread and see the varying doses and estrogen levels.

How Many Times Per Week Do You Inject Testosterone?

Im going to cut back on my dosage def. I’ll give 3 days a week mon wed fri injections of 50mg each and see how it goes.
Thx for your help any other info/ input you have please let me know thx

@systemlord I know this is a rookie question i’m going ask. So from now on my lh and fsh will be pretty much zero. They never did one before I started to compare

My endocrinologist didn’t get a baseline LH or FSH either, yes your LH will be suppressed. As I see it your LH isn’t doing you any favors. FSH may or may not be completely suppressed.

I’m hopeful that someday maybe there will be some type of treatment that increases LH without terrible side effects seen on clomid.