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Lab Testing Prices


I am posting this as I have been on HRT since February 2011 and do not have insurance. I started down this road by going to a clinic in S. Florida that sent me to Labcorp for bloodwork which included the following:

CBC/ with Differential and Platelet
Complete Metabolic Panel
Lipid Panel w/LDL Ratio
Testosterone Free and Total

The charge was $200.00

I want to know if that is a good price and should I be repeating ALL of these to monitor my progress. Based on a few calls I have made to labs they seem to stick it to the individual patient as opposed to being ordered by a doctor's office.

Thanks in advance


Looks good to me--not exhaustive by any means, but should paint most of the picture, especially if you have already resigned yourself to TRT and are now just in monitoring mode.

$200 is a pretty good deal--you may be able to find a better deal at privatemdlabs.com though, but I doubt it.


I dont have insurance either, I go to personal labs.com. you can by-pass a doctor and clinic and order any one test or severall . You can select your own test from a menu. You pay online and the instant you pay, you can print your orders and take them to labcorp. My last estradiol test was 44 $ and my total testosterone was $43 .Its instant to , no waiting , when you pay, the orders are sent to labcorp from personal labs ,so when you print them you can drive straight to your local labcorp and walk in and get your test done. You get a e-mail notification when your results are ready , then log into personal labs and see your results, from there you can print them or e mail them, check them out.You can test for everything and anything, Im impressed with the selection.Hope this helps. Bolo.


lef.org is the cheapest I've found. Plus, by becoming a member you are helping to fund research.


Thank you all for your input. After fishing around on the web I found this post from another website. I have followed the instuctions and am going for my bloodwork tomorrow. Hope this is help to others with no insurance.

Getting bloodwork done, whether it be on-cycle or post-cycle, is always strongly recommended when running any type of AAS cycle. However, many people often neglect to do this based on cost, and the fact that a doctor visit is usually required.

Here is how to get bloodwork done very cheaply by scheduling your blood panel on-line, without going to the doctor, and without the need for medical insurance. The testing will be done by Labcorp, so as long as you can get to a Labcorp office, you can use this option. There is a trick to getting this done cheaply, so read on.

Please note that this option will not work in NY, NJ, or RI due to state medical billing laws

"Here is the trick. Go to privatemdlabs.com and select the hormone panel for females. This test comes with a CMP (liver, kidney values and more), CBC (blood counts), total Testosterone, total Estrogen, LH and FSH.

I have done this a few times before and all your reference ranges come back based on males once you enter in all the info that the lab co wants.

Also use the discount code ______ (search internet for current discount codes, can usually find a 15% off). Total should come to roughly 50 dollars.

They use labcorp so just select a location nearest you. You can also make an appointment to have blood drawn, which many people don't know. Just go to their website (labcorp) to do so after you paid for the bloodwork.

If you go on a weekday (except friday) you will have your results emailed to you the next day most likely as they are that fast as effff!!!!

The only thing missing is a lipid profile, which you could add on if you so choose.

So STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR NOT GETTING BLOODWORK DONE!!!!!!!!! You most likely won't be able to beat this price even if you do have insurance!!!!

So take advantage of the loophole I found as the male hormonal panel costs about 150 dollars!!!!!"

  • Credit to user "heavydeadlifts" on PHF.

For $50 lousy bucks, you can get everything you'd want tested after a cycle (except lipids, which as mentioned can be added for $47.99 retail, before discounts): liver and kidney function, HPTA, estrogen, etc.


You need estradiol (e2) tested not. total estrogen... I did that twice . I wasnt paying attention .


The post says Estrogen but the test is for Estradiol