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Lab Testing for DHA EPA CLA?


Recently I was discussing Fish oil Supplements with my eye doctor and the subject of laboratory analysis of blood samples for DHA, EPA and CLA came up.

I asked if it was worth having the tests done to see if you are getting enough of these compounds. Her response was yes and that a test just recently became or will become available. I told her that I thought I had read someoneâ??s test results indicating that a laboratory test was available already.

Unfortunately I cannot remember under which tread I read the results so Iâ??m asking if anyone has had these test done and are they familiar with the lab codes and the usefulness of the results


Bob we run the nutra eval which helps identify these imbalances and also is rather inexpensive and can give a variety of information if it is properly read right which not to many people around know how to do after it took me 2 years to finally figure out how to read the damn things and all alone the information to my health issue was there all along just hidden..