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Lab Test Questions

I just got my lab results in, most of them anyway, and I need to know what they mean.

FSH: 4.4 mIU/mL
LH: 4.0 mIU/ML
Prolactin: 5.2 ng/mL
T-4, Free: 1.2 ng/dL
TSH: .79 mIU/L
Estradiol: 29 pg/mL

My Total/Free Test levels are not back yet, because of some kind of lab situation. I had them tested in August and my free Test was 292.

My doctor at home put me in Androgel at 5mg/day for 1 month following the initial test level check and I was taken off that a month prior to the lab results listed above. I took Rez-V for two weeks, then dropped it for two weeks prior to the above test.

So, what might all this mean? By the way I’m 20, don’t ask me how my levels are like this because I have never done a cycle or anything of that sort. I’m just trying to figure out what is going on with me.

Thanks for the help, I really do appreciate it.

So, anyone have any input?

Cy Willson “Level With Me Doc How Long Do I Got” It will answer all your questions in detail.

I got the rest of my results back.

Total Testosterone: 560 ng/dL
Free Testosterone: 92.4 pg/mL