Lab Test - Not Sure Which Package to Pick

Does this cover all tests needed?


If its your first labs no. You need to test LH/FSH as well.

Not first labs, but new to this site. I’ve been doing TRT for 3 years… my doctor always ran my labs and made adjustments. my E2 is high(70) using the above test package. SHBG is 13… waiting got TT and FT to be added in to my results.

Then FSH / LH are not needed if already on TRT. That panel should be fine.

Lipid panel is noticeably missing. That’s very important in my opinion, you need to know where your cholesterol is.
CMP is also missing (metabolic panel). Not as important but still, would be nice.

Make sure Free Testosterone is not the calculated method, that’s worthless.
Make sure Estradiol is the sensitive method.

Optional but nice to have: Thyroid (TSH, FT4, FT3, reverse T3, antibodies), DHEA-S, DHT, Prolactin, Progesterone, IGF-1, Cortisol, Vitamins B/D

Once a year for me: Heart ultrasound and calcium score

Much of this is dependent on the patient’s individual circumstances. Is there anything in particular that needs to be followed? How old are you? For example, when was your last PSA test? If it was a year ago, and it was 0.5, and you’re 40, you do not need to look at it now.

I like to get lipids and CMP twice a year. Many of my guys follow low carb/Paleo type diets and I like to keep an eye on renal function, creatine, BUN, eGFR, etc.

I generally will not monitor things on an ongoing basis if we are not treating them, unless symptomatically indicated. For example, thyroid, DHEA, etc. though they would be checked initially.

Also, the “sensitive” estradiol is not necessary.