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Lab Test Help/Advice

I’m 39, suffering from depression/anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, low libido and low drive. I take an SSRI which helps with depression/anxiety somewhat, but not great for anything else. I lift 3-5 days a week, eat pretty healthy, take vitamin D, Magnesium, and a few other supplements that help.

Just got my new labs back and they are pretty shit.

To be honest I really, really, don’t want to inject testosterone for the rest of my life. I’ve been reading about people’s experiences, and it seems like such a mixed bag. Lots of people reporting feeling worse, or at least a year of roller coaster ups and downs before getting a steady level. I’ve been in a pretty bad place emotionally this last year, and I don’t know if I will be able to handle the turmoil tbh. My anxiety has been really bad lately, and I tend to be very sensitive to changes like that. Anyway, just looking for advice or reassurance etc. Thanks!

I was in the same boat, decided to give it a shot. Definitely ups and downs but prior to starting just felt like crap all the time. So having a few ups is nice. 7 weeks in, energy levels up here and there, morning erections back, better over all mood. Negatives, balls have shrunk a touch but I dont plan on having any more kids. Going to start a split injection to level the ups and downs. Same dosage just split in half. Did have weird tingly feeling in my balls a few days after the shot

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Those Labs are pretty bad, estrogen is low and effects bone density and joints, testosterone is low as well along with LH which suggests a pituitary failure. TSH is nice!

How long it will take to feel good will depend on the skill of your doctor, suffering will ensue if doctor offers 200mg every 2 weeks. I recommended based on the majority of men with similar SHBG levels two 50-60mg injections per week as a starting point, more frequent if estrogen proves difficult to control. I doubt it will be an issue lowering the dosage wouldn’t fix.

Your estrogen levels determine how well you feel while on TRT, it’s easy to get testosterone in a good range for you, it’s another to be able to get estrogen in a good range at the same time. It is this reason why men have so many troubles dialing in on TRT.

I’m one of those men which has more to do with being obese, estrogen levels will be higher when body fat percentage is higher.

Those are all low estrogen and T side effects. Your luck your thyroid is ok. that could cause more issues or be the issue for this but its not.

To me its a no brainer. id rather continue my suffering for a limited period of time knowing it will end versus an indefinite period of conintual mental fatigue and depressoin that would never get better.

I was bad off before TRT, i am still bad off, but i am more than willing to work on getting it dialed in. The days that i did feel good during this TRT experience were a glimpse of heaven and peace of mind. i want that more often … without TRT i would be stuck in the water treading until i eventually drowned.

Do you want to continue suffering or do you want to put in some work to feel better. Not much comes easy in life. You have been told why you feel so bad (low estrogen and low T) and know that many thousands of men have found benefit. Also realize that not every man on TRT comes to these boards telling us how they have been feeling great for the last several years. only when shit hits the fan for a select few or small percentage. i know a few guys who take TRT in the real world , and they don’t have any problems. they actually are the ones who pushed me to get checked… they were obviously right.

What is your protocol? Are you injecting once a week?

I am currently 1 a week, changing this week to a split dose 2 times a week to try and even out the highs and lows, .5 ML divided in half.