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Lab Reviews, Help on TRT

Hello ,I have been on TRT for almost 2 years now and am having to dial my numbers in with out the help of my doctor at my TrT clinic. They only care about the total testosterone number and nothing else . I am 50 years old and very active , i go to the gym 3 times a week and ride bikes on my off days . I just want to make sure I am getting all the benefits out of my injections. I inject 70mg of cypionate 2 times a week my lab results are as follow.
SHBG 75.1 nmol/l
free testosterone 169.99 pg/ml
total testosterone 1193 ng/dl
estradiol 36 pg/ml
I have good energy and erections are ok . Gains in the gym are really slow and cant seem lose the mid section fat no matter how i diet or much i work out . So just looking for some insight on where i stand with my numbers . Thanks

SHBG is higher than normal, so FT is lower. I’d either 1) lower your SHBG or 2) raise your test dose to get your FT into a 25-35ng range

What is your diet like, be very specific, and detail your routine. Your numbers have room for improvement but that shouldn’t be holding you back at this point.

So you ride a bike 4 days a week? how far, how long, how much effort? Too much of this will kill your gains assuming you lift in a way that will grow muscle.

Your free testosterone is at 1.42%, with 2-3% considered to be ideal. You seem to be doing fairly well, but I would not be opposed increasing your dose.

Have you investigated why you may have high shbg?

Do you have any of those diseases or compromised liver function?

It doesn’t seem like your hormones are optimized based on what you are telling us and looking at your SHBG, there’s little doubt that your FT needs to be higher because as others have mentioned, FT percentage is on the low side.