Lab Results

  Looking for some guidance. Just got my lab results. I'm currently receiving trt treatment with 300mg test cyp once every two weeks. I've been on the shots for about six months and before that both andro and testim gels. 

Total Test 476 Lab normal 260-1000ng/dl
Total % free 1.5 Lab normal 1.0-2.7%
Total Free 71.9 Lab normal 50.0-210.0 pg/ml

  I see my doc on thursday for my injection and I'm going to see about injecting once a week with 150-200mg. I feel okay but not great and although the numbers are all within range they don't seem as high as I'd thought they'd be. I'm not that surprised because like I said, I just feel okay. The posts I have read here have helped tremendously. I've learned that twice a month injections can really raise the estrogen levels, another reason I'm going to try and do once a week injections. From most of the posts I've read it's obvious that there are some really knowledgeable people here so any feedback I can get will be much appreciated