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Lab results

I recently had some lab work done to check my hormone levels. The only test result that was strange was the IGF-I. I got a 187 and the ref range is 182-780. Thats dare low. My alternative doctor suggests supplementing to boost it. Any one have any idea of possible prescription or OTC supplements that would boost this. Also how would the IGF-I boost help my training?

What time of the day were you tested. IGF-1 is a reflection of your somatotopin(GH) so it would make sense that when you are putting out more GH usually during the night, your IGF-1 levels in turn would also be higher then what was shown on the test. You might try dosing with 5-10 grams of glutamine before bed and try keeping you carbs low towards bedtime because elevated glucose will inhibit GH. Hope this helped, someone else will probably bring a little more insight, but i am sure the glutamine will help.


Thanks. I’ll try the glutamine suggestion. I was tested at 9am and had been in a 15 hour fast. Fasting sucks.

EMS, did you get your DHEA levels checked also? DHEA can raise IGF-1 levels in the body. You may want to explore that area.

Actually, IGF-1 is actually a better predictor of overall hGH levels. It does not have a bimodal peaked realease, meaning that it’s not higher in the AM (like 3-4am) as hGH is. This probably indicates that your hGH levels are lower or at least “low-normal”. However, this will also reflect your age, as hGH levels decrease over lifespan, and IGF-1 is very involved in bone growth.

I did also get my DHEA level checked at the same time. I got 939 and the ref range was 180-1250. This was an unconjegated blood test. My T was check as well, Total T 531 (out of 260-1000) and Bioavailble T was 345 (ref range 84-402) Free T was 161 (ref range 34-194). I’m only 20.