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Lab Results


got my lab results today,
Dr said my T was 175 and ideal normal is ~300 which he said means I have very low T. he offered script for Andro gel, but said injection is cheaper and only requires once a month shot.
because reading that the gel is not as effective I opted for injection, so now he's got me going to see specialist Endo Dr.

I myself was a bit surprised that my T was that low, I figured with my reg strength training, steady gains and maintaining my bulk that I couldn't be significantly low on T, but appartently that not the case.

other issue is, I was about to start another cyle of supps stuff like Animal stak, Alpha Male, so should I go ahead with this knowing i'll start T injections in a few weeks, or not?


no input yet? come on I need to know you guys experiences or informed ideas on this.
I read (skimmed thru) most of the other threads on TRT
I just need few basic suggestions, don't plan on getting PhD in TRT


There should be a range of normal for the particular lab who did your testing. I don't know of any that would indicate that ~300 was normal. Tha is still low. You want to find a Dr. who will get your levels into the top 20% of the range. Studies show greater longevity and health benefits from having your testosterone at that level.

If he is injecting Testosterone Cypionate or Enthanate there is no way that shots should be done once a month. Your T levels will rise and you may feel better for a few days and then your HPTA axis will shut down your natural production and your levels will go lower than before. Find another Dr. who knows what he is doing. Unless the endo specializes in HRT for men, your may find that they don't know much more thatn your GP.

I wouldn't muddy the waters by taking supps that boost test.


T gel and cream work great for many. It would be a hell of a lot better that once a month shots. Once on T...the T boosting supplements would be a complete waste of money.

Endos are usually not to good for TRT.


Are you symptomatic? Persistent low libido, low physical and mental energy?

I wouldn't treat a lab number in the absence of symptoms. What is your age? Other medical conditions? Diet, exercise habits, physical condition, etc.?

First thing to do is wait a month and re-check the labs. T levels are highest in the morning.

TRT is potentially a life-long project. It should not be entered into without long consideration and self-education.

Monthly injections are a terrible idea. Weekly, at least. You'll want to learn to do them yourself. It is not a big deal.

Many people don't like the gels. They can be messy, rub off on your wife and children, not be absorbed well, esp. as time goes on. They are expensive, too. You can bet Obama won't pay for it.

Good luck.


Turtello to answer your questions:
I'm mid 40s
yes low libido, altho I think about sex but no drive.
no other med conditions
diet is normal meat/potato, heck of a hard time triming down tho.
workout 3-4 times a week strength and powerlifting stuff, otherwise healthy
feel strong/good most workouts, no prob maintaining the muscle mass and putting on size , just high bf%


Hay guy, we've all been there and my best quick advice is to read as much of the TRT threads on here as you can. You'll get a better education here on this forum than any doctor can tell you. It takes a lot of time to read it all but you'll know all most everything you need to know.


I would evaluate other hormones such as thyroid, cortisol imbalances, insulin resistance as primary cause. Treating just testosterone in many may make you feel good for a little bit, but they after few months many are back to square one. You need to get with a good TRT dr who knows what they are doing. Depending on your age and other factors will determine what course of action would be taken. IF you are in north eastern my self and Dr overbeck, west coast Dr mariano and mid west dr john crisler. These all are the best in the business who ever is closer I would recommending going to.


^ thing is for the most part I feel good and good mood. I have the occasional blues now and then, but nothing i'm concerned about. my prob has been
1 decreased sex drive, and getting worse
2 despite reg training and curbing the diet, inability to take off any bf


Read the "Protocol for Injections" sticky



^ok will pick up copy tomorrow

there's just no way i can absorb and digest all those bits of info in those long running stickies, I'd have to give up almost all other activities just to read thru that stuff and try to piece it all together , several times over.
like I said, i aint got time to get a PhD in this TRT or AAS stuff, just trying to gather a reasonable concensus of what has worked for most other guys.


also in his book he promotes soy protein and vegetarian diet as good for T.
that sounds counter intuitive, good old red meat and lots of it promotes T right?
besides some others say that soy protein is not good choice because it causes rise in estrogene.