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Lab Results, Thoughts Please

So I’m 19 and have had endocrine problems in my life. The past several months I have not been feeling myself (significantly decreased libido primarily), and am curious if my hormones may have something to do with it.

My long-time endocrinologist assured me that “I’m fine,” and when I pressed him to explain why he thought I was fine, he wouldn’t.

So in addition to some feedback about my labs, I’d appreciate if anyone knows a decent endocrinologist in the Phoenix area.

Edit: I had the reference range for testosterone for the wrong lab on the image. Where it says (240-950) it should actually be (270-1070).

-19 years old
-36" waist
-220 lbs
-moderate chest hair, patchy facial hair
-I carry fat around my stomach (so do my father and grandfather)
-Brain tumor near hypothalamus (see next post for more details)
-Currently only taking Tylenol as needed for headaches (about 1g every other day)
-My diet consists largely of dairy (full-fat), berries, oranges, peanut butt-er and banana sandwiches, frozen vegetables (about 2 servings of broccoli, 1 of peas, 1 of carrots daily), and Mexican food of all varieties
-I lift about 3 times per week, one day of legs and upper-body pulls, one day of shoulders and upper body push, and one day of Olympic lifting. I also do one recreational cardio event per week, such as hiking, basketball, or racquetball.
-no testicular discomfort
-perhaps slightly less frequent morning wood (less wood in general)

To be more specific about my endocrine problems, I had precocious puberty at age 10, leading to the discover of a brain tumor affecting my hypothalamus. I was put on “Lupron Depot” for about 5 years. I had surgery last September, and radiation therapy last December-January. So my endocrinologist didn’t cut it for me with his writing my recent change in demeanor off as being “fine.”

I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts on my situation.

On a technical note, I contacted the lab to get the reference ranges for a few tests that were not included on the print out of my results (I don’t know why) and I have updated my spreadsheet. Is there anyway to edit attachments on this forum?

what time of day was your ACTH stim test for cortisol? what about the original test with a 4.1 result?

You really need to measure more areas regularly given your health situation - like TSH, FT4, FT3, RT3, E2, etc.

your T might be lowish but not horrible compared to most. You need more tests to determine the cause.

I agree that for all of my blood work my endocrinologist has failed to be extensive.

The cortisol stim test was begun at 8:00am. The 4.1 number was at about 2:30pm.
The T4 on that chart is actually Free T4. Somehow the value in the last column of T4 (2.8) was transposed from the LH value and should not be there. I’ve edited my spreadsheet to reflect that but don’t see a way to change it in this thread.