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Lab Results/Testosterone 290ng/dl


Ok I'm new and have been reading much as I can to date...started having noticeable symptoms of low t. I got labs done and here is some results(will post lab copy later) of course total t @ 290 is probly culprit of symptoms,ft was 8.4pg/ml , but I have 2 specific questions. Although I requested e2 I only got total estrogens which was 85pg/ml which is within labcorps range.....

question1 is with total estrogens in check could e2 still be too high? I'm being sent to a urologist and will insist e2 b recorded b4 proceeding.. question2 is my bun level is high @ 26mg/dl and creatinine is @ 1.3mg/dl.....should this super concern me? Doc requested pee samples and more bloodwork . I am 42 and never had any of this stuff checked b4......thanks in advance, I know this is limited info but I'm @ work, will post all stats when I get home @ 2am.




Anything is possible. I would test E2 specifically, it I were you.


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This has happened far too often lately to be mere coincidence...am I being trolled here, or have all these impatient assholes just now learned how to use the internet in unison?


VTballa, wasn't aiming to be rude just over anxious I guess about what the hells goin on inside me. Not new to internet but definately to this site and forums in general so let me try this again....per KSman's sticky
age 42
height 6'0"
weight 218lb
body/facial hair fairly thick
bf 20%..mostly around mid section and chest

no history of health issues, no testing done prior to these symptoms arising
morning wood and sex drive left about a year ago along with general feeling of wellness, replaced with tiredness, anxiety, and severe brain fog

Over the years I was mostly overweight(around 235-245lbs) until about 6years ago I decided to get in shape, so I started working out and eating healthy and got to 185lbs with overall good fitness. Then 2 years ago I quit training and diet got crappy and I ended up back at 235lbs and feeling like crap. 3 months ago I decided to start training again and get "back to where I was". Diet clean up was easy but I have to force myself to train 3 times a week, I just have no drive or energy for it so I figured my T levels may be a little low and thats why I went for bloodwork. Upon reading the stickies I see theres several levels not tested I would like to see, namely E2, LH, PSA.
So attached is my initial lab work, any input appreciated at your convenience...Thanks


Heres the second page of labs


Ok, looking through your labs there is some missing, as you pointed out.

Your high BUN and HCT could indicate some liver issues, so you may want to investigate that further. Most weightlifters have some elevated liver markers, but I don't remember if HCT is one of them. Though I doubt this is the cause of your issues.

Your TSH looks good--you can get further thyroid testing if you are inclined, but probably not worth the effort.

Your total estrogens may seem a bit higher than optimal, but its very hard to interpret these--as you pointed out, E2 is the test that you actually need.

T is low. You should test LH/FSH to see if they are getting a signal. If they are low, you could try a clomid restart or HCG monotherapy. If they are higher, then you are most likely primary and will require exogenous Test.

At 42, you are at the age where many men are experiencing these types of symptoms and issues. A lot of docs will be sympathetic to it at your age (versus someone in their 20's with the exact same problems) so you probably won't have trouble finding a doc to treat you if you want to just go on T. Finding a doctor that can treat you optimally may be a little trickier, but if you take the time to learn here and ask questions you will be well ahead of the curve and be able to become your own advocate.



Thanks for the help,
Upon much more searching I understand that my high protein intake and creatine supplementation may be affecting these kidney markers also. My LBM is 174.4lbs and I been eating 260grams of protein a day
(1.5g per lb of bodyweight)and 5g of creatine a day. Maybe lowering protein intake and dropping creatine for a week before I take the 24hr urine sample and more labs will bring it within range???


Probably, but I wouldn't worry about it...I've never seen anyone have any issues from slightly higher liver markers due to working out...its transient, so I wouldn't sweat it...

What I have seen people have issues from though is low T!!! You need to address that...


Thanks man, and yes I beleive the severe brain fog and anxiety from low T is causing me to over analyze. I have appointment with urologist Dec 8th, hopefully he will work with me to get it back up.


Hey guys, short update....My Urologist is a prick. I have been through a battery of tests and been waiting for my labs to come in. This morning Doc called and gave me(upon my prying) a few results. I will post the labs friday when I pick up my copies from Doc's office and tell Doc BYE BYE.

Anyway he said my TT was 297 which confirms lowT (although he argues is fine), but what struck me as odd was E2 he stated was 14 and from what I have read here optimal is low 20s.....Is low E2 contributing to my overall feeling like crap??

Well thats my only question for now till I can give you all the results including PSA, LH, FSH ect... Oh and I've noticed my joints ache and crackle alot lately, can low E2 also cause this? Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


are you on any treatment plan? what did the doc want to do?

E2 of 14 may be low depending on whether or not they ran the right test (what ref range did they give?)

yes. joint aches, popping, cracking can be a sign of low E2.



Thanks for your response, no treatment offered by current urologist. The Dr says this is normal levels and has no intrest in symptoms. I have contacted a compound pharma here in louisville and just over the phone she stated that if the numbers are low and with symptoms I probrably needed HRT (wish she was the DR lol) but she did give me a name of an Endo and I'm trying to make an appt.

As for the ranges I will post the new labs in the morning when I pick up the hardcopies...I do not trust anything that urologist says at this point! When I asked who he used for the labs he stumbbled and stuttered and first said Labcorp, then said well no we did those here in our lab...What!!!?????!!!!!


Ok guys as promised here is the latest lab numbers, I believe this to be the right estradiol test, any and all input appreciated. If I'm reading it right my LH and FSH numbers look ok but i'm not sure. I am disturbed that the Dr took it upon himself to use his own lab numbers for TT so he could justify saying i'm not lowT while he sent to lab corp for the other bloodwork...BUT I do still have the original lab corp TT numbers so guess i can use that going forward...Thanks for all your guidance!!

FOR LABS SEE BELOW..I had to rescan them, thanks


A few things:
-You may want to ask a mod to delete those pictures for you and you rescan them with your personal info blacked out. Up to you.

-LH/FSH are definitely good. This means your balls are not responding (primary). Only recommendation I can propose at that point is to test your DHEA and if its low, supplement it. Otherwise, you probably need TRT.

-Prolactin is looking high. Is that 13.7 on a 15.2 scale? Did you have sex or masturbate within 12 hours or so of the test?

-With your T levels, E2=14 is fine. Definitely not your problem. You have low E2 because you have low T to aromatize to E2! Any higher and you will be suffering from estrogen dominance. This will likely come up with your T if you commence TRT.

-Your doctors T range is very common. That is the old Quest range. I dunno if Labcorp has changed their bottom number recently like Quest did or not.

So what do you think?


Thanks balla for response, as far as the sperm dispense prior to testing..no. I believe I'm pretty much lining up for trt. I realize its for the long haul but to feel this way longer is the worse of the 2, the biggest hurtle is finding a good Dr. Pure sent me a pm on the name issue, gonna fix it soon as I get off work in couple hrs but thanks. I know i just started this journey but I'm already irritated with how these Drs are handling this as if I don't really know how I feel...grrrr


Your prolactin is to the point that it COULD be an issue. Anything elevated to the upper end of range like that is somewhat troublesome. If you are so inclined, you could retest it. If it is again high, you may want to request a pituitary andenoma.

I think prolactin is a possible suppressor of T, but don't quote me on that.


You are true my friend, upon a little reasearch per Wikipedia.....
Prolactin levels may be checked as part of a sex hormone workup, as elevated prolactin secretion can suppress the secretion of FSH and GnRH, leading to hypogonadism, and sometimes causing erectile dysfunction in men, it also decreases normal levels of sex hormones ? estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

High levels can also be caused by pituitary tumor so you are right it wouldn't hurt to be looked into, thanks for bringing that to my attention


new labs


new labs 2