Lab Results - Test Low - 21

Listed Below are my Lab Results from my most recent doctors visit. I have very low testosterone levels as you can see. I will also list the answers to some popular questions below. I am open to all input on these labs.

I went to the doctor with complaints of joint pain that has accumulated over the last 6 or so years and has never went away. I can bairly lift weights. Despite a very clean low carb diet, almost every natural remedy, and even some alfutops my joints have gotten no better. I also have had no sex drive for about the last 12 months and erection quality is pathetic. I also suffer from some pretty severe anxiety and bouts of depression which are mostly caused by my inablility to lift weights at anywhere near 100%

Height : 6’0
Weight : 190
Body Fat %: - 8%
Age : 21
Gyno - Never
Hair - Never really hairy, some facial hair but no major chest or back hair
Hair Loss - Never
Testes - Normal size maybe slightly larger than normal - Hang Low - never ache
Brain Fog - Sometimes
Short tempered - Yes
Intolerant - Yes
Sensitive to loud noise - partially
Get Cold easily - Yes
No Past AAS use or Prohormone use - closest thing would be tribulus and ZMA
Drug Use - caffeine 400 + mg per day Nicotine from swedish snus - 48 mg per day - Minor anti inflammatory use (naproxen). Some pain killer use post knee surgery. No long term drug use
Diet - Low carb very rich in omega 3’s DHEA , fish oil. Only lean meats nuts, fruits, and vegetables
Major Areas of Fat storage - Umbilical region, thighs, lovehandles

Lab Numbers

FSH - 1.7 ^2 mIU / ml Range 1.6 -9.7 mIU/ ml

LH - 0^3 mIU/ ml Range - <15 mIU / ml

Prolactin - 5 ng/ml Range - 0 -20 ng/ml

CRP - .8^1 ng/ ml Range - Range for inflammation 0.0 - 7.4

Total Test - 130 ng / dl Range - 241-827

Free Test - .55L ng / dl Range - .95-4.30

Free Test Percentage - .21 L ^2 Range .32-.51

Free T4 - 1.06 ng / dl Range - .65 - 1.40

TSH - 2.14 mIU / l - Range - .46 - 4.68

Glucose Serum 95 mg / dl Range - 74-106

Creatinine - 1.07 mg / dl Range .66 - 1.25

Bun / Creatinine ratio 21.50H Range 12.00 - 20.00

Bun 23 range mg / dl - Range 12-20.00

Anyone wanna shed some light? KSman has already been very very helpful. Much thanks to him.

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It was my first appointment with a horrible family physician. He said that he couldn’t do any further tests and referred me off to an Endo for March 24th.

BBB, I also had this chronic joint pain when i was a 260 lb football player with about 15-20% bodyfat. The low sex drive didnt start until i began to diet down and lose weight. I thought it was just part of hardcore regular dieting. However when i put carbs and calories back in. My sex does drive doesn’t come back. So i still had the joint pain when i was pretty heavy.

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It looks like a solid investment. Is it purely naturopathic? Is it geared toward gut healing techniques? I’ve been down that road before.

I hope the joint pain is related to the hormone levels or i may be in even more trouble. I am HLA-B27 positive which puts me at a higher risk for AS. My latest x-rays of my SI and Lumbar came back clean except for a shortened disc from an old injury (so that explains the back pain).

I will definitely push to get estrogen levels checked and hopefully will start with HCG. My appointment for bumped to the 4th which is awesome.

Is there any correlation between low test levels and joint pain that you have observed? All of my inflammatory markers come back negative for any kind of inflammation. My ESR also came back fine. hmmm…Confusing as hell