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Lab Results. So Confused.


I've read so much on this and other boards that I confused myself. Im 42 years old with the following lab results. Total Test 1124
Free Test 49
estrogen 228
estadiol 41
shbg 19

I take 250 mgs of test C a week w nalvadex 20mgs . My Question is why is my estrogen so high? Because of the test? Do I lower my Test and take an Anti-E ? Also I have no sex drive or morning wood. Please help. Thanks, Drew


What kind of reference ranges are listed with your blood values? Your T is no doubt at the top or above range.

When looking at Estrogen look at Estradiol. Your value is almost double the recommendation on here (22). I think your problem is with using Nolvadex to lower Estradiol. Or why are you using Nolva, maybe you have another reason?

If you want to control Estradiol you will be much better off with an AI like Arimidex or Aromasin..

If this has any effect on your erections or sex drive, I really don't know.

How are you injecting the 250mg multiple doses?


Thanks for the help, the lab is LabCorp. The lab ranges are similiar to what is on this board. Ill switch over to armidex. Im shooting once a week but will switch over to 125 mgs every 3rd or 4th day. Thanks again for the help!


E2 can definitely repress sex drive. The AI should help. Monitor symptoms closely and get retested after ~6wks.