Lab Results Query

Hi there,

Had been experiencing some symptoms of low testosterone after researching online (low energy, low sex drive, general fatigue, lack of concentration etc) so got myself tested. Results were:

Testosterone 15.9 nmol/L (Normal range 11 - 40)
SHBG 28 nmol/L (Normal range 10 - 70)
Calculated Free Testosterone 371 pmol/L (normal range 260 - 740)

My doctor said I was in the normal range for my age (33) and so no treatment was required. But to me it looks like I am on the lower end of the normal range? I would think at 33 (and considering how well I eat and train) I should be at the very upper end of the normal range? Or at least medium to high?

Any insight to these results would be much appreciated!


Also any insight on products I could buy online to elevate my levels slightly higher than current without the need for constant tests would be great?