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Lab Results. Post Finasteride. Help?

Hi everyone.

I have been a lurker on this forum for a while now and I figured I should post my situation and see if anyone would be able to help me out.

Im 29. I started taking finasteride 1mg in April 2016 when I was 27. I continued to use it until November 2016, when I was without the drug for a week because I had to go back to the doctor to get me another prescription. After a week, I went back to the doctor got another prescription and started taking it again. but a couple day after I started retaking the drug on November 25, 2016 I woke up a different person. It was like someone switching off a light switch. I stopped taking the medication on November 25 2016.

I currently have a shit load of symptoms from this medication that has been with me for over a year now.

  • Depression
  • Weird uncomfortable sensation in my Penis from time to time.
  • Digestion issues. Its either pellets, diarrhea, or sometimes it feel like my stool is literally falling out my ass. Its like the muscles used to push my shit out are messed up some how.
  • Zero sex drive. No Libido
  • No erections while sleeping or when I wake up
  • Anxiety
  • ED
  • Physhical changes to penis size and scrotum size.
  • Trouble sleeping at night - waking up multiple times per night
  • Easier to get angry

I had NONE of these issues prior to taking finasteride. I was a 100% healthy male, now I can’t even fucking function correctly. I worked in IT and I had to quit my job because this was affecting it so much.

Here are my lab results.

Testosterone Free: 14.9
Testosterone: 574

Estradiol: 876.8 <<<<<<<<<<<< WTF!

LH: 0.5
FSH 0.7

That’s all the labs my Urologist did. He said that in his 19 years of practice he has never seen anyone with estradiol levels that high. We did an ultrasound on my testicles to make sure I didn’t have a mass, which I didn’t.

Can someone please help and guide me in the right place. I need to get my life back on track, this drug has wasted 2 very valuable years in my life.

Thank you.

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I know I should be worried about the Estradiol level, but do you guys think that my others labs are ok?

Sounds so familiar! I took Propecia for 10 years and it literally ruined my life. I currently suffer from Post Finasteride Syndrome and am plagued with neurological issues and hormonal imbalances.

Damn Deco that’s unfortunate…This drug is evil. I still cannot believe how incompetent some of these doctors prescribing this medication are,

If only I new better. I trusted the doctors.

Should I ask the doctor for something that will lower my estradiol since its over 800?

Or is there something else going on to cause my estradiol levels to be that high?

There are a lot of smart people on this site that could explain better than me. KSman and several others are very knowledgeable about labs. What I do know is that your E2 is the highest I’ve ever heard. Mine was 49 and I thought I was dying, I can’t even imagine. I really feel for you brother. Are you currently on TRT? Sound like you need a Comprehensive metabolic blood panel done ASAP. I was placed on Anastrazole .5 MG q3 days and feel a lot better. E2 now at 21.

Systemlord is also very smart with analyzing land


That’s what my doctor said also. It’s the highest estradiol he has ever seen.

He also mentioned that my LH and FSH were low too.

I am not on TRT. The only thing I took was this piece of shit drug because I was losing my hair.

I am also going in tomorrow morning for new labs to make sure that its consistent.

What about SHBG?

I can ask to have that added to the lab work tomorrow.

I have not gotten that tested yet. I am going to an endocrinologist tomorrow. His labs r going to be a bit more intensive than the last.

Ill post the labs as soon as I get them.

Look in the stickies for a complete list of labs you should draw. SHBG is critical. I wonder where it is right now with that E2 level.

Finasteride causes long term damage for a lot of people, there are forums dedicated to PFS, there are some stories of people taking years to recover.

The issues I have seen on forums with PFS usually pertain to e2 and or SHBG being out of whack.

You have a lot of reading to do, you need to be as informed as possible when you see your doctor and when you request labs. Make sure your looking at the whole picture too. Thyroid, sex hormones, cardio health, so forth.

You need all the labs in the sticky. With a outlier like the E2 result, you need to confirm it by repeating it. Make sure its estradiol sensitive test. We cant help you with treatment without the labs.

Interested to know how you made out with your Endo MD appointment?