Lab Results, Opinions Please

Hi Gents and Gals,
1st time poster here, long time member on forum.

Personal stats:
Male 27yrs
6 feet tall
34 inch waist current
Below average hair on legs and chest, no hair on back. Can grow a thin beard.
Carry most fat on mid section around waist, gluteus and thighs.
No health conditions
2 superdrol cycles a few years back with nolvadex pct
Inital lab results in below post
Eat a varied diet with mixed time between bulking cutting using ketosis.
Lift heavy compound movements 4 times weekly, train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu twice weekly, work an office job.
No testes ache
Morning erections fairly common with no issues with libido.

I got my blood work done a few months back and am interested to hear any opinions on my levels vs being optimized for muscle gains.

I know that my ‘T’ was very low, the blood work was taken during a week of strenuous martial arts (mma) exercise and after months of being in a Ketogenic state. Im leaning towards the low T stemming from a result of longer term Ketosis. (I dropped 22kgs).

Since my blood work was taken i have now gone back to bulking (for the last 6 months), im thinking that this may have improved my T and am going to get another test in the coming weeks. (put on 12kgs bulking, a bit of fat too)

Would love to get your thoughts on my bloodwork and thoughts on bloodwork that will be done in the future.

Luteinizing Hormone 11 IU/L
Testosterone 11 nmol/L
Sex hormone binding globulin 46 nmol/L
Sodium 139 mmol/L
Potassium 4.6 mmol/L
Chloride 102 mmol/L
Bicarbonate 28 mmol/L
Glucose 4.0 mmol/L
Urea 7.9 mmol/L
Creatinine 93 umol/L
Uric acid 0.31 mmol/L
Cholesterol 5.5 mmol/L
Triglycerides 0.4 mmol/L
HDL 1.65 mmol/L
LDL 3.00 mmol/L
Total/HDL ratio 3.3