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Lab Results - Low T? Please Comment


First Post. Decided to check my T levels for S/G. Met my deductible this year so I didn't have to worry about the cost of getting this done. Doctor said my T levels are fine but my vitamin D is a little low. Please provide feedback as to: Do I have low T, What questions I should be asking the doctor, Get a new doctor, what other tests should I get done. Thanks for your Help!

height= 5' 11''
weight= 186
Waist= 33

Lab Results:
Total Cholesterol: 227 mg/dl (125-200)
HDL: 40 mg/dl
Triglycerides: 95 mg/dl (<150)
LDL: 168 mg/dl (<130)
Glucose: 80 mg/dl (65-99)
Creatinine: 1.11 mg/dl (0.8-1.3)
Vitamin D, 25-OH: 31 ng/ml (30-100)
TSH, 3rd Generation: 1.09 mIU/L (0.4-4.5)
Total Testosterone: 168 ng/dl (250-1100)
% Free T: 2.47% (1.5-2.2)
Free T: 41.4 pg/mL (35.0-155.0)

Where are you located? San Diego, CA

Describe body and facial hair. Can grow facial hair but other than that not very hairy
Did you grow fast as a teen or slow and steady? Slow and Steady
If quite tall, other males in your family are tall or? Don't know/ adopted
Rugged facial bone structure or smoother? Smoother
Any reduction in peripheral vision? Check both eyes. No
What drugs [Rx and OTC] and supplements? Some do increase E which drives down T. Protein, BCAA, Multivitamin
Any blows to the head or whiplash in time period proceeding your decline? No
Any testicular aches or pain? Ever? During a fever? No
Feeling cold when it does not make sense? Quite the opposite, hot quite often
Changes to skin, nails, hair? No
Became easily irritated or short tempered? Not really
Less social or social avoidance? No
Now sensitive to loud or sudden noise? No
Apathetic? Yes
Low energy? Yes
Some degree of passiveness has developed? Some What
Decrease in Sex drive? Yes. Definitely don't feel like I use to


welcome on board

get a new doctor.

get more blood tests per the blood test sticky.

Total T is terrible and you need more tests to see why - LH/FSH, estradiol, shbg, PSA, etc.

Thyroid seems fine.

yes Vit D is way too low.


How is digestion? Cold hands and feet?


Not exactly sure what your asking about digestion. I guess digestion is good. Rarely get heartburn and regular bowel movements. No to the cold hands and feet.


Thanks PC. I will work on getting those tests done. What is the significance of Vit D? I am taking multivitamin that ups my Vit D.


there is so much out there on vitamin D right now. check out the vitamindcouncil.org for starters or just do a goodle search for benefits of vitamin d.

most people can greatly benefit from 6,000iu of D3 daily. I can guarantee that your multivitamin does not have that amount in it.

I personally take like 17,000iu and can only get my blood tests up to the 50-60 range (80-100 is ideal I believe).


Your doctor is incompetent. Clearly your total T is abnormally low and your free T is low normal.

A good doctor can find out WHY you have low T.

As written above, you need LH, FSH, prolacting, and estradiol checked.

Do yourself a favor and see a urologist with a fellowship in ANDROLOGY--an ANDROLOGIST; they're the foremost experts on TRT and fertility and ED.

www.impotencespecialists.org is a good place to start a search. My doc is listed there.


Sorry about that; it's www.impotencespecialists.com. Here's a doc in San Diego: http://www.impotencespecialists.com/doctors/bastuba.html


What are you doing/taking to get 17,000iu a day? You are right about my multivitamin, it only contains 1200iu(which I thought was sufficent).


I take 12 drops every morning of liquid D3 PURE Brand @ 1,000iu per drop, and then a 5,000iu pill(powder D3) maybe BlueBonnett? at 4pm.

but I am thinking about changing to a different brand/type since they do not seem to be absorbing that well.