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Lab Results - Low Normal Free T3?

I just received my most recent lab results. T and Free T are high normal ranges. Estradiol was a little low (Still trying to find the Arimidex, DHEA, and DIM balancing act) but I can adjust that.

The area that was pointed out to me was that my Free T3 was on the low normal side. 2.9 out of a range of 2.3-4.2 pg/mL.

I was offered a low daily dose of bio-identical T3/T4 oral supplementation to boost that number to the high normal range. Who doesn’t want more energy and to lose more bodyfat?

That being said, I know that the risk is boosting those numbers too high which could then induce thyroid shutdown resulting in needing to be on T3/T4 for life (from my little knowledge on the subject).

Should I even consider going on T3/T4? Is 2.9 low? Can I raise this naturally through more aerobic activity? Anyone else on HRT and T3/T4 that could shed some light here? Things to think about?

I also came back with a DHEA level that was quite high - 737 out of a reference range of 45-345 mcg/dL. I’ve been supplementing with 50 mg oral DHEA and obviously need to cut that back.

Someone out in T-Nation land has to have experience with this. Is low-dosing T3/T4 a great way to boost fat loss without shutting down thyroid function long term? Someone else has to be doing this that’s on HRT. I’m really interested in feedback on this one. Thanks.

First review your intake of iodine from table salt and/or vitamins. Do not treat iodine deficiencies with thyroid drugs. And also check waking body temps, when you first wake and record, track through the day and report.