Lab Results - Liver, Mood, E2

Hey guys,

Yes sorry, another lab thread, I know there are so many and it gets annoying but I’m just looking for some input / thoughts / advice on my current results mid-ish cycle. Some of you are a lot smarter and more experienced than I am so it would a waste not to pick your brains :stuck_out_tongue:.

A bit of background, i’m running EQ 400mg and 500mg Test E per week. I was taking arimidex around .5 per week but immediately stopped it after the first week. Right now I am technically at week 6 of my cycle. Diet is strong and training has been going good but I haven’t really seen much in terms of gains - which I found odd. Did a little bit of digging and found out that the lab I was running was getting a lot of reports of underwhelming product quality, etc. So I switched over to another brand two weeks ago which I know is good stuff. Immediately started feeling the difference after the 3rd shot (I kept running the EQ from the same lab however). So right now I’m at the end of week 2 of what I believe to be more legit gear.

First thing I noticed from the results, LDL seems to be high - perhaps someone can weigh in on what I should be doing. My coach told me to remove the red meat from my diet. I was eating extra lean ground beef from the start of my cycle in a bolognese. Also started throwing in some cardio and increased calories to compensate. I’m putting on lean, quality size this off-season so calories are not crazy high. Last cycle I downed a lot of food, and as fun as it was, I feel a lot better with how things are going this cycle: good amount of food without being in a huge surplus.

Second, it seems like liver and enzymes are not too great. Unfortunately this is the area that I’m not too familiar with. Biliburin, ALT, and AST are higher than normal. I assume this is related to being on cycle - last post cycle bloods came back clear on these.

FSH, LH are low naturally since natural production is shut down from what I understand. I know a lot of you believe that balls should never be given the opportunity to shutdown completely. Again, I’m open to any feedback it would be much appreciated.

E2 is low…from what I gather I have not crashed it but it is below normal, whether this is from the AI I ran the first week or the EQ not sure. I stopped pinning the EQ this Thursday.
I have noticed a change in mental health / mood lately. About a week and half ago I woke up feeling pretty anxious and paranoid and it has subsided a bit but not that much…I have been having a bit of a negative week so I’m not sure if i’m just going through a rough patch mentally or if this is maybe related to reduced E2? Last cycle of Test E only I had your typical superman feeling so not sure what’s going on this time around. Libido hasn’t been crazy high either, but I haven’t had any issues with sex or feeling horny. Erections are stronger and sex with gf has actually been really good lately. Skin is pretty dry though, which is typical in winter but it has been a lot dryer than normal lately, knee joints do feel a bit sore after leg day which I didn’t use to experience either. Not sure if i’m just over-thinking things or if any of this is related to my E2 levels - but despite having high test, I’ve kinda been feeling like a pussy and slightly anxious.

Anyways i’m gonna stop rambling - any input would be appreciated. Free test and SHBG results haven’t come in yet - will update as soon as I get them!


LDL is slightly elevated. I wouldn’t be cutting out sources of high quality protein and amino acids because of that number.

AST/ALT are barely out of range and that’s pretty common if you’ve worked out recently. Assuming that you have then those numbers are pretty typical. If you had taken a week off and then gotten blood work then I would be more concerned. But with the numbers you have I couldn’t imagine being worried.

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Any advice on managing LDL?

Also, it seems like some on here have suggested taking dbol to bring E2 back up and compensate for the inhibiting effect of EQ. I do have some on hand but I would like advice before doing this. Maybe there is a way around because generally I know that more drugs is usually not the best answer…

LDL isn’t elevated, 3.28nmol (lipid conversion is * 38.67) = 126.83

Near optimal is below 130… borderline high is 130-160… LDL is fine, these ref ranges are accounting for those at risk for CVD. At risk should be below 100, if you’ve actually got heart disease (CAD) below 70-80 is generally considered optimal

My LDL is like 3.05nmol or something like that last it was checked, certainly not “at risk” in terms of lipids alone.

Popping 10mg eod for like a week ought to get you back up and running without very much risk.