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Lab Results: High E2, Estrogen and Prolactin

Hi Guys,

I could really use some help to interprete these lab results.

First, my protocol:
200mg Test E / Week
0.5 Arimidex 2x week
5iu’s GH ED
0.01 T4 ED
25 mg Proviron ED

The results (i did a lot more but i’m only posting the ones I think are relevant):

Total T3 - 74ng/dl
Free T3 - 2.37ng/L
T4 - 7.1ug/dl
Free T4 - 1.29ng/dl
TSH <0.008mUI
Rererse T3 0.71ug/L

  • Ok, from what i’ve read, I should stop the T4 at once, am I right?

Estrogen - 194 pmol/L
Progesterone 3.03 ng/ml
DHT - 564 pg/ml (Proviron?)
SHBG - 25.9 nmo/L
Prolactin - 2.7ng/ML

Total Test - 1397ng/DL
Free Test - 32.8 pg/ML

E2 - 53ng/L

Cortisol - 22.5ug/dl

From what I see, I should increase the arimidex dosage and drop the T4, am I right?

Thanks in advance guys.

You need to post ranges for your labs.

If your thinking you need to stop T4 because your TSH is low, I believe it works the same way TRT does with shutting down your LH. Your now getting it exogenous ( I think I said that right) so your body tells itself that it doesn’t need to produce it now therefore your LH shuts down on TRT and TSH shuts down with thyroid meds. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for the input. I’m using the T4 because of the post about HGH & T4 but I see no real difference since taking the T4 and the values of t3/T4 are very similar to before ever taking T4.

rT3 is too high