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Lab Results from TRT for 4 Weeks...

I’ve been taking 100mg a week of test enanthate for 4 weeks and just got the results from the blood work.

Before TRT total testosterone was 208 and now its only 226. Free testosterone hardly went up at all either. It went from 5.8 to 6.0. Estradiol didn’t change either. Before starting TRT it was “less than 20” and the new lab results say the same thing.

I haven’t felt any difference (obviously). The doctor didn’t seem that concerned and wanted me to go up to only 125mg a week.

If any of you guys have been on TRT is it normal to not see a differnce in blood tests after 4 weeks? Or is 100mg a week just a really low dose?

Where are you you getting that test eth from?

Get a new bottle of T, preferably a different brand. No reason not to use test cypionate.

How often do you inject and when did you do the lab work after prior injection?

100mg/wk is very effective for most. Some need 200mg/wk as they seem to metabolize it rapidly - mechanism not known.

Your supply and your doc have a strange smell.

I really doubt there’s something wrong with my test enananthate as I got it at Long’s Pharmacy. The company that makes it is Paddock Laboratories.

The prescription is for test enanthate so I don’t think I could get cypionate unless I gave my doctor a good reason why to switch. Is there that much of a difference between enanthate and cypionate?

I got my blood work on the day of my next injection. So my bloodwork was done in the afternoon and I injected that evening.

If the eth is not working, no harm in trying the cyp. Cannot justify staying on any particular product that does not work for you.

You should do labs 1/2 between injections. Also try injecting more often. Read the protocol for injections sticky.