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Lab Results - Enough Information for Conclusion?


What’s up, folks?

I just had some blood work done and the physicians assistant told me everything looked good, except that my estradiol results indicate that I might be converting a little bit more test. to est. than normal.

I understand that this is an internet forum and that we are not doctors, but I figured I’d post my results and see if you all have any thoughts.

Is there actually enough information provided in this panel to come to any conclusion? If so, does everything look kosher to y’all? If not, what additional information should I get next time?

FYI I am a 30-31 y.o. male, 6’0", 185 lbs. There were other pages associated with these labs, so if there’s a piece of information missing, let me know and I’ll clarify.

Thanks in advance!


TSH should be closer to 1.0
fT3 is the active thyroid hormone and is above mid-range, so odd that TSH is up.
Disregard the thyroid lab ranges.
Please eval overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. That will settle some possibilities.
Have you always used [should] iodized salt?
Yes, thyroid can impact other hormones.
Elevated TSH suggests that hypothalamus not seeing fT3, noting that rT3 is OK; or a thyroid pathology that TSH is trying to overcome.

FT is low, suggesting that SHBG is elevated, creating more T+SHBG that exaggerates TT, creating a false reading of your T status.

fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

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Need time of day for cortisol lab. Should be AM cortisol done at 8AM.
9.6 is border line for AM cortisol.

E2 very high relative to FT. Suggests impaired E2 clearance by the liver, so we look for AST/ALT and need to know about medications, exposure to fumes/toxins, excess alcohol or weed.

You will get better info here than from any doctor and better lab work reading and diagnostic effort.


Thanks so much for the feedback, KSman!

I definitely expected to get better analysis here than with most doctors.

I threw in the “I understand this is an internet forum…” comment because sometimes people say things like, “talk to your doctor” without recognizing that often doctors aren’t up to snuff with how to properly interpret these things.

Here is some additional information based on what you’ve listed above:

TT - Testosterone, Serum = 725 ng/dL
FT - Free Testosterone (Direct) = 8.9 pg/mL
E2 - Estradiol = 30.0 pg/dL
LH/FSH = Could not find “LH” or “FSH” in lab results
Prolactin = Could not find “prolactin” in lab results
CBC = Could not find “CBC” in lab results, but I will provide other blood count info below

  • WBC = 4.1 x 10E3 / uL
  • RBC = 4.15 x 10E6 / uL
  • Hemoglobin = 13.4 g/dL
  • Hematocrit = 39.7%
  • MCV = 96 fL
    AST/ALT = 38 IU/L / 56 IU/L
    Fasting cholesterol = 149 mg/dL
    Fasting glucose = 92 mg/dL

I salt the shit out of my food with pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Is your salt comment intended to express that you think salting my food will help out with some of the results you see, or to express that you recognize that I salt my food because of my results?

Cortisol was taken at approx. 10:58 am. I did drink 4 bags worth of green tea that morning, in case that affects how you’d interpret the results.

I am going to be heading back in a couple weeks for additional testing (to double-check elevated BUN, elevated BUN/creatinine ratio, and elevated ALT) and would very much appreciate some pointers in terms of what to request to make sure I get the most useful information.



That shit does not contain useful levels of iodine and ruins peoples’ lives, but it is natural and so is hypothyroidism.

You need iodized salt.

Are you taking a vitamin that lists iodine+selenium?

Eval your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temps as per the thyroid basics sticky. This can be more informative than thyroid labs.

Find the edit icon [pencil] under your post above and add lab ranges.

TT decent
FT looks low.
E2 is quite high relative to low FT. Estrogen dominance.
Part of that may be impaired liver clearance, what meds to you take, Rx and OTC?
AST/ALT elevated
see things that damage your hormones sticky

AST/ALT can easily be elevated by training and sore muscles. Avoid training and recover muscles before testing.

Your blood is very thin.
Possible low level GI blood loss to consider.
Do you have digestive issues, food sensitivities?
You can get a occult blood test to detect blood in your poop, no you cannot see it.
I expect that ferritin is depressed.
Are you eating red meat?

Total cholesterol ideal at 180, you are 159.
Less that 160 associated with increased all-cause mortality.
Sex hormones, cortisol, DHEA, pregnenolone. Vit_D3 all based on cholesterol.
If your diet low fat? Extreme low fat?

Cortisol probably good for time of day.

Are you going to get those oral body temperatures?