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Lab Results, Blast-Cruise 3 Years

Updated with ranges:
Not posted on here for a while.

Looking for some advice after my recent blood test results from Medicheck.

Bit of back ground, 43 year old male. Used steroids on and off for 15 years. Been cruising on test 250 per week for the last 3 years. Every 3 months I incorporate Tren maybe winstrol.

The test was prompted by the fact I was not feeling myself in the bedroom department from the last year or so, inspite of the fact I have a lot of energy.

FSH 0.3 Range 1.5 - 12.4 IU/L
LH 0.3 Range 1.7 - 8.6 IU/L
OESTRADIOL 353 Range 41 - 159 pmol/L
TESTOSTERONE 32.6 Range 8.64 - 29 nmol
FREE TESTOSTERONE 0.983 Range 0.2 - 0.62 nmol
FREE ANDROGEN INDEX 152.34 Range 24 - 104 ratio
PROLACTIN 561 Range 86 - 324 mU/L

Prolactin is high which is expected from someone using steroids.
Testosterone is just above the high end.
Free Testosterone is quote high as is my Free Androgen index.

My Oestradiol is off the chart and my FSH and LH is very low. I would assume these would be the reason I have low libido?

Any suggestion on what I can do to counter act this?

Reduce the mg of text per week? Incorporate an Aromatase inhibitor?

I was about to incorporate Tren again should I put this on the back burner for the time being?

Any advice would be welcome.

Hey bud lab ranges would really help here. Edit your post and include those. 250 mg a week isnt crazy high or anything but obviously estrogen is a concern now. Yes the first line of defense would be to lower your testosterone dosage to bring down the e2. As far as prolactin goes the only thing I know of is cabergoline. Look into that for lowering prolactin.

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There is no need to test FSH/LH when using test. They are always zero and you are just wasting money. These bear no indication on your sex drive. Sex drive is motivated by T and E2 being in check. E2 can be high in the presence of high T and still not necessarily effect your libido but if its suffering high E2 would be the first thing to look at. You could either reduce T or add an AI.


Updated with ranges

Prolactin is most likely the culprit. How long ago did you use Tren?


Yeah, your e2 is crazy high for a cruise. Probably need an AI at some point there. The high prolactin isn’t doing you any favors either. Get some vitamin B6 and take it at high doses and see if that doesn’t help. It’s a lot cheaper than caber or prami.

I was on tren for about 12 weeks. Came off about 2 months ago. Was thinking about jumping back on.