Lab Results Back

test - 6.1 nmol/L
SHBG - 36 nmol/L
free test - 109 nmol/L
FSH - 2 IU/L
LH - 6 IU/L
oestradiol - 74 pmol/L
prolactin 16.3 ug/L
TSH - 5.95 mIU/L
vitamin D 83 nmol/L

600mg test prop - 8 weeks eod
40mg dianabol - 4 weeks ed
300iu HCG - 8 weeks 2 x a week
.25mg letro - when needed

PCT - 1 week after last jab
50mg clomid - 4 weeks
20mg nolva -4 weeks

10-12% bodyfat
6 yrs training

So as one would gather test lvls are extremely low as bloods were taken 2 1/2 weeks after last jab - this definitely explains the low libido. I am currently on my third week of PCT and libido is still shot. This is the first time that I have had these bloods done and used clomid.

What concerns me is the high thyroid lvls and also very high cortisol lvls (cant find them but they are definitely above average). Has anyone else had their bloods done and had them come back similar to this, and should I get them further looked into?

My thinking was I wouldn’t rebound so hard after a shorter cycle and running HCG throughout it. I also always seem to lose most of my gains after a cycle during PCT for some reason and its bothering me. Macros are at 50g fats, 340g carbs and 260g protein but is constantly cycling with low, average and high carb, fat days. Cals are around 3000 and 90% clean. Any advice on how to keep some solid gains or is there anything apparently wrong that you can see?

Also has anyone used toremifine citrate during PCT? If so how was recovery compared to nolva/clomid and how was libido?

Last question - could I get someones experience with using proviron during and after cycle? I have read that this really helps to boost libido PCT, but have read conflicting information about prolonging shutdown.

Be harsh and straight to the point. If you need more info let me know.


Was it worth it?

[quote]Drainage wrote:
Was it worth it?