Lab Results and Treatment Plan

Hello all, been reading board for while and learned alot. I was hoping i could get some feed back on my labs.
I am 43 , 5"11 and 205 pounds. No history of steroids. Years of back pain since 40 and 16 years working Mid shift has me feeling like a bag of hammered asses.
depressed and have anxety severe at time since year ago
Any way just had hormones checked and T was very low…

my first lab

estron serm 46 pg/ml 12-72
*estradiol <5.1 pg/ml 7.6-42.6

Lh 3.1 miu/ml 1.7-8.6
fsh 7.3 miu/ml 1.5-12.4

*Test serum 155 ng/dl 249-836
*Free test 4.9 ng/dl direct 6.8-21.5

pregnenolone 14 ng/dl <151

hemoglobin alc 5.6% 4.8-5.6

T4 direct 1.03 ng/dl .82-1.77

cortisol 3.7 ug/dl 2.3-19.4
Tsh 1.09 uiu/ml .450-4.5
dhea 268.5 ug/ml 88.9-427

*Androstenedione 26 L ng/dl 44-186
*Vitamin D 29.6 ng/ml 32-100

T4 5.9 ug/dl 4.5-12
T3 88 ng/dl 71-180
B12 620 211-946
TYroid peroxidase <6 0-34

Doc started me on compounded T Cream, oral pregnenolone , dhea , vitamin D and otc adreanal extracts ?? does this sound like a good plan for now???

Whats a good Otc product for Adrenals??

I am glad he told you to take pregnenolone I was going to say that…your estradiol is so low because your T is so low. You can find something for adrenal support on amazon…I haven’t tried anything so I don’t know which is best but they have reviews there that you can read. The pregnenolone will help support your adrenals. Also you should take a b-complex, with vitamin c, 2-3 times a day. Your thyroid is problematic, but deal with your adrenals first, and see if your thyroid improves. Your thyroid levels are too low even though your TSH is totally fine. Your doctor’s plan seems fine for now…just make sure you monitor the thyroid still (FREE t3,t4) and monitor the estradiol and prolactin and testicles (may need something like HCG so your testicles don’t shrivel).

Your anxiety could be explained by the stressed adrenals…but of course that is just a guess.

What time was this lab taken? You have the lowest cortisol I’ve ever seen of someone who is still living.

Lab was taken in the afternoon. is it realy that low? it was in lab range

Thanks for the feed back… My next Doc appt is in two weeks. I will ask him about HCG and my low cortisol…

As easliy as i get stressed out you would think my cortisol would be high? isnt it the stress hormone. I got lots to learn

Treating you based on labs taken in the afternoon is suspect at best. Those tests are meant to be taken at around 8 am. You probably still do have poor adrenal function, but its not nearly as bad as the test indicates (and yes, it is bad…I wasn’t joking)…