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Lab Results and Starting TRT

I am 32 years old and have had bouts of depression, am on Adderall for ADHD that was diagnosed 1 year ago, have complained about low energy for a number of years and in the past 1 year or so have started to have some ED issues, maintaining an erection mostly. Also in the last year my motivation in general has decreased quite a bit.

During a physical in 2006 I had my Primary care test my T levels that came back low and as a result he sent me to an Endocrin who determined my levels were fine. I thought they were low but I was only 26 and did not have many symptoms at that time so never pursued this further.

During a physical a couple months ago my T levels came back much lower and my Primary care said he would put me on TRT if I wanted. He just prescribed me Androgel today but will not pick it up until tomorrow. He said from thyroid tests my low T levels seems to be primary.

I work out pretty regularly, I am 5’9, 175lbs but have always felt I need more sleep than most normal people and for the workout thats I do I feel I am relatively weak in comparison. But who knows, that’s so subjective.

I had 2 varicocele surgeries on my left side when I was about 14 and 16.

My Primary Care gave me the name of an Endocrin to see but said he’d like to start me on TRT now and I can then follow up with the Endocrin as there seems to be a shortage of them in this area and they can take several months to get an appointment with.

Here are some various lab results. Some are from 2006 and 2007 so I don’t know how much value they will add.

What are your thoughts on this? I thought I had more lab test results but I can’t find much else. I’m worried that Androgel isn’t going to cut it and am really wondering what my causes of low T are.

Thank you all. The information I’ve read here so far has been a huge help.

Lab results 07/2010 (Primary Care)

Total cholesterol - 209
HDL - 65
LDL - 129
Triglycerides - 75

Sodium - 139
Potassium - 4.0
Chloride - 101
Carbon Dioxide - 25
Calcium - 9.5
Glucose - 71

Kidney Function
BUN - 12
Creatine 0.9

Total T - 200 ng/DL
Free T - 5.8

HCT - 47.2
HgB - 16.6
WBC - 5.5
PLT - 266
MCV - 83.2

Labs results by 11/2006 (Endocrin)

GH - 0.5 NG/ML
IGF-1 - 104 NG/ML
IGF-1 - 185 NG/ML (retaken 01/2007)
Prolactin - 3.7 ng/mL

Total T - 403.6 ng/dl
Free T - ??? (can’t find it listed)

Free Thyroxine - 0.70 ng/dL
TSH - 1.20 uIU/mL
Glucose fasting - 98 mg/dL

Cholesterol - 224
HDL - 58
LDL - 151
Triglycerides - 76

Labs results from 07/2006 (Primary Care)

WBC - 5.3 K3/UL
RBC - 5.32 K6/UL
HGB - 15.9 - gm/dl
HCT - 45.0 %
MCV - 84.6 FL
MCH - 29.9 pg
MCHC - 35.3 g/dl
RDW - 11.4 %
Platelet Count - 268 K/UL

Sodium - 140 MMOL/L
Potassium - 4.2 MMOL/L
Chloride - 101 - MMOL/L
Carbon Dioxide - 30 MMOL/L
Glucose serum - 95 MG/DL
Urea Nitrogen - 15 MG/DL
Creatinine - 0.8 MG/DL
Calcium - 9.2 MG/DL
Total Protein, serum - 7.1 G/DL

Free T4, Serum - 0.82 NG/DL
Thyroid Stim Hormone 3rd - 0.624 UU/ML

Total T…312 ng/dl
Free T…9.0 ng/dl

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You need LH/FSH to determine primary VS secondary. Do this before starting TRT. You cannot test later and your endo will want that data.

“He said from thyroid tests my low T levels seems to be primary.” does not make any sense.

Test thyroid levels again. TSH doubled, then was not tested. Might be high now.