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Lab Results After PCT, Need Advice

Hello to everyone.
So my cycle was:
Week 1-12 Test E 400 mg
Week 7-12 Winstrol 40 mg every day
Week 2-14 Proviron 50 mg every day

14 days after my last injection, I started PCT:
Week 15-19:

  • clomid 50/50/25/25/12.5
  • tamoxifen 40/40/20/20/10
  • tribulus, DHEA, ashwagandha, ginseng, fenugreek, vitamin D3 etc…

22 days after the PCT I took blood and my results came back today.
CBC, LDL, HDL are in range, AST and ALT are slightly elevated, but nothing serious.
Now, the hormones:

  • FSH 1.2 (1.5 - 12.4) :frowning:
  • LH 4.8 (1.7 - 8.6)
  • Prolactin 921.5 (86-324) :open_mouth:
  • Estradiol 29 (7.63 - 42.6)
  • Testosterone 5.73 (2.5 - 10.5)
  • SHBG (not ready yet, will come by the end of the week)

What should I do to bring my FSH levels up, and wtf is happening with my prolactin?
Shoud I be worried? What do you think about the results?
Also, do the normal E2 levels indicate that I am not prone to gyno?

  • i used no HCG or AI during or after the cycle.


btw, I feel no symptoms at all from high prolactin.


No clue, did you get an MRI? Had sex before the labwork?

Dunno what ‘e2 levels and prone to gyno’ means, but your e2 looks fine, if you don’t have any gyno, then great.

No problems with sex, it’s the same as before.
No gyno, no nothing…

I read on the net that high prolactin can cause low FSH, so I think if I lower my prolactin levels, my FSH will go up. Anyone know anything about this?

I mean before the test. That can raise PRL

Nope, no sex before the test. :confused:

Why are you taking all of that? Some of these have reportedly serious impact on the endocrine system so taking them whilst PCTing is not wise. Take the Tamox and the vitamin, leave everything else alone. You don’t know where your lab results come from and nobody else does if you take 50 things at once. Drop everything except for Tamox and take that again for 4 weeks 20 mg a day. Then in 6-8 weeks get another blood reading.

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No. Your E2 should be where it is. It’s relatively in line with your T levels. If one is prone to gyno is dependent on more than the factor conversion to E2. Receptor density plays a role too. It’s partly genetic. But you don’t seem to aromatize very strongly (I’d say normal) so you shouldn’t have that problem at least.
Mind you, if you’re cycling you got 10 times the amount of T in your blood. E2 will rise and depending on your genetics you could get gyno problems, but since you didn’t have any this cycle, I don’t think you’re particularly prone.

(Also you like still have Tamoxifene in your system which prevents gyno but I’d rate that less important)

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You could try lowering prolactin with P5P

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I took them cause I read they raise natural testosterone levels. So no need for all that after my next cycle?

Thanks, I will try again with the tamoxifen for 4 weeks 20 mg a day and see what happens.

Then take them when your PCT is finished. Many mechanisms of action are not understood of these plants and all their compounds. They sure influence the endocrine system. So it’s not wise to take them during PCT and after, if you then get bloods and something is off, because you don’t know what caused the problem/anormality.
There’s no need for them, no.

If you want to take them, I’d say do that after you finished PCT and the lab work.

I like plant compounds but that also means I respect them. Some of the most potent compounds we got stem from plants. Don’t just down several plant supplements thinking that they just help. Respect them like other medicine especially if you get high quality supplements.!

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Final question, it’s not harmful to take 20mg 4 weeks again, right?
I am thinking maybe to try to recover by myself, without adding drugs again…

Not harmful is a difficult statement. Every drug lifters use has its side effects. If you do good or you can tolerate the effects on tamoxifen then for you it wouldn’t be “harmful”.
There sure are things it does that aren’t great, there are some reports for example of eye problems similar to clomifene. But that’s very individual.
All in all it is a relatively safe drug and if your endocrine system recovers you have a lot to win by taking a small risk in my opinion. You have to decide on that risk, but it’s comparatively very low if you compare it to running a cycle.

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