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Lab Results After 4 Months

Just wondering if you guys could check out my labs before I talk with my provider. I have been on trt for about 4 months now feel great making improvements in the gym and in my life. I eat clean workout 5 days a week I’m 44 dose is 180mgs a week split twice. Iv done some research on high hematocrit and trt and I’m not crazy concered as I dont realy feel like I have symptoms and it seems to be just a tad over. Igf 1 seems high not to sure about that. My liver enzymes seem elevated but I dont drink or take any other drugs i know lifting contributes to that?guess my only side is the fact that my socks are leaving impressions in my legs for a bit after removal never noticed that before mabey it’s a little water retension not sure as I’m somewhat lean. Im not taking an ai and refuse to.

Anyhow thanks for the input.

Honestly, everything looks pretty good to me. Very similar to my blood work. I have the same AST #'s, high estradiol(mine was 70), high testosterone (due to 200mg a week cypionate), and high MCH.

You can give a pint of blood if you want to lower the hematocrit and hemoglobin. Mine used to get high on injections and then after a year or so the H/H lowered on it’s own without giving blood.

As long as you don’t have high blood pressure, I wouldn’t worry about the water retention. It will probably go away after a while as well.

Interesting that your IGF-1 is high. Not sure what’s causing that.

Swelling is just water retention. When was the last time you changed your protocol?

Thanks for the reply yea I dont really know to much about igf 1 i take a few supps like bcas and bsn cellmass also beyond raw anabolic sleep do you think those might have something to do with it? Dont think I have high blood pressure my resting heartbeat on an oximeter is reading normal should probably get a proper blood pressure test I have no symptoms though.

I was at 140mg for a month and a half then bumped it up to 180mg been on since March 5th.

You’d think the water would have dropped. Is the sock thing a constant? I mean in the grand scheme of things thats a pretty small side effect and will probably subside. Drink plenty of water and it should go.

Yea seems to be consistent but like I said no other sides mabey the high creatine intake adds to it also idk hopefully my provider has some input on it deff not going to let it get to me it was just something i noticed and was curious about.

Was free testosterone not tested?

Yea I was upset about that I wonder why they left that out seems very important to me.

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