Lab Results Advice

One year ago I went to the Dr about low sex drive, lower & energy levels. He said all my test results were normal.

One year later I feel about the same. I recently got a book about T and it said Free T levels below 15pg/mL(analog method) was considered low, so I thought
that could be my problem since my was 13.2pg/mL.
I tried taking ZMA(3 pills before bed), 1 pill of novedex XT at night for about a month but did not see any results. I thought it would lower E and raise T levels. Is there something else I should be considering? I have included lab results below. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

My Stats:
43 years old
5’ 9" 160 Lb, ~10% BF
work out 3 times a week 40min lifting, 30 min cardio.
Dont drink very much.

lab results (one year ago)
Total T 501ng/dL 350-890
Free T 13.2pg/mL 5-40
ESTRONE 35pg/mL 80
FSH 4.6mIU/mL 1-9
LH 4.2mIU/mL 2.6-10.1
TSH 1.78uIU/mL 0.4-5
PROLACTIN 8.8ng/mL 1.6-18.8

Total T and free T are low. Odd that only E1 was measured (Estrone). You want to know where your E2 (Estradiol) is at.

Even though your T levels are within range, they are low. If your E2 is in the high end of the range, you will be estrogen dominant and feel shitty.

You ever had cortisol levels checked?

I havent been tested for cortisol. I think that my GP will probably not want to test since he wasn’t concerned about my levels, he was thinking that I had low level depression and would have prescribed anti-depressants, but I wasn’t interested.

Not sure if this is related but my lower legs have bald patches, even my upper legs don’t have quite as much hair as they use to, I started to notice this a couple years ago. Do you recommend going to anti-aging type of doctor to get tested?



Yes. Your doctor’s ignorance is going to fuck you over. Not testing for E2 and calling any value within range “normal” both indicate he has no idea what he is doing.

Contrary to popular belief, “mild depression” is a SYMPTOM, not a disease. Treating the symptom and ignoring the condition causing it is a recipe for disaster. Get away from this guy as quickly as you can.

The doctor that tested me last year, was using diagnostic software to detetmine my condtion. Anyone know of a doctor in the Seattle area that can help? Thanks