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Lab Results 4 Weeks Into First Cycle

Hi Guys,

Could someone please advise on whether these results are as to be expected 4 weeks into my cycle (or 8 pins), I have noticed no changes in my body physically or mentally which is worring.

750mg test e pw
300mg tren e pw
caber 0.5ml pw
adex 0.25 pd


Breaking my neck reading that!

If you only inject once a week and test late in the week, the lab results are meaningless.

Inject twice a week.
E2 should be nearer to 80pmol/L, you need anastrozole.

Please do not create multiple posts about this cycle, need context.

sorry yeah the tren and test is total pw, i still do inject twice per week tho.

anastrzole and adex are the same thing no? Ive upped the doseage from 0.25mg per day to 0.5 per day.

What do u think Ksman? Thanks for a response btw :slightly_smiling:

You can test E2 again on that dose.

Anastrozole == Arimidex