Lab Results, 21 years, 2 Previous Cycles


Total T = 11.02 nmol/L -----RANGE (7.3 - 27.10) --------- = 314 ng/dl
Free T = 240.5 pmol/L -----RANGE (199.0 - 587.0) ------- = 65.61 pg/ml
SHBG = 25.2 nmol/L -----RANGE (13 - 71)
LH = 5.2 IU/L -----RANGE (1.7 - 8.6)
FSH = 1.9 IU/L -----RANGE (1 - 19 )
E2 = 111 pmol/L -----RANEG (75 - 175) ------------ = 30.27 pg/ml

Free Androgen Index = 43.8 (no index)


Will get the ranges for those result tomorrow.

-age = 21
-height = 6 foot
-weight = 70KG

  • Thin (Hard gainer)
  • patchy light facial hair
  • most fat on belly, rest of body is skinny

So wanting to go to the lab in the next day or two…

Do I need to re-test the Total,free and SHBG ?? (cause this is hitting my cash, no insurance)

I was thinking of just getting:

  • LH
  • FSH
  • PROLACTIN (is this a must??)
  • E2 (is this a must??)

TRT is for life.

Use the [edit] in the bottom RH corner of your original post and edit-in your lab ranges. We cannot work without those.

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys — we need lots more information
  • protocol for injections

Do not assume that you have only one imbalance. Be open minded to other possibilities.

Thanks for the input KSman, was hoping you would post.

I have edited some lab tests… Also read those stickies…

Im with the train of thought (as per your LAB stickie) that I now still need to go test:

  • E2
  • Prolactin
  • DHT
  • PSA
  • DRE

but When I checked my lab facilities on the internet, I could only see E2 and Prolactin.

Is DHT,PSA,DRE a must? Also must I test any thyroid stuff?

At your age PSA and DRE aren’t musts. DHT is good to know IMO but if its too expensive you can do without it.

If T is low, DHT will be low too. Docs used to want to test DHT when on TRT in case it was high as that was percieved to be a prostate risk. But we know that estrogens are the major risk, not T or DHT.

So Iv read alot of stickys with regards to using Clomid instead of TRT


myb, Nolvadex and Clomid are SERMs and there are issues with life long use. Most of what you will find here is not for that but for a procedure to attempt to restart or recover normal function. That mostly works for younger men.

SERMs are drugs and have side effects. If one responds to a SERM, one can probably do as well with hCG injections. hCG is a natural hormone that has one lobe that is identical to the functional lobe of your own LH. Yes, capsules are easier than injections.

Clomid is an estrogen like steroidal SERM. Nolvadex is non-steroidal. Some get nasty problems from Clomid and Nolvadex gets the job done. I always caution against Clomid even though many will not have any problems.

Something my naturopathic dr uses is sublingual HCG. She claims it works and has labs from her patients to back it up. The dose is three times what you would inject but I guess it works. I haven’t tried it because I’ve already been on my T replacement protocol for 6 years so why mess with something that’s working.

For you maybe that would be a good option if you want something simple and to avoid nettles.Your LH is already a bit on the high side so I’m not sure HCG mono therapy is something you’re going to be happy with but certainly worth a try.

Sublingual, transnasal and transdermal hCG is considered a hoax. In any case, if a guy cannot get a positive on a home pregnancy test, it or the delivery is bogus.

So triple the costs… and poor delivery at best.

And the doc happens to sell that stuff? That is a red flag.

my doc wants to prescribe me 120mg of Andriol / androxon per day… ??

He seemed very casual about the whole thing and very open to any other substances if wanted… ( He just read a little thing in his book, didnt seem to know much about the situation.)

Im still pretty confused… about going for a clomid or Nolva method, Andriol, or Test E (100-200mg weekly).

The thing is, I dont want to be shutdown, I would prefer to try boost or recover my natural T

LH levels change from minute to minute, released in pulses with a half life that is very short. The LH lab result it not very useful by itself. FSH is a better indicator of LH activity with its longer half life and FSH is low.

Clomid and Nolvadex do the same thing. Nolvadex will not make you feel like shit.

Do a Nolvadex based restart with .5mg/week Anastrozole in EOD divided doses and then cruise on that after tapering off of Nolvadex. If that does not work, TRT may be needed.

Do not start TRT.

Why are LH/FSH low? re-read the advice for new guys sticky. You do not have enough lab work for us to work with. Check your body temperatures.

Still need prolactin lab work to determine if there is a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma. That is standard of care for your age group. If prolactin is elevated, a MRI is used to see if an adinoma is visible.