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Lab Result/ Need Help

Hi all I need a help with my bloodwork. Im on Test e 250mg/ Primo 150mg e5d cycle I recently did bloods and my results are
Test 40nmol/l
e2 82 pmol/l
free test 1.41
shgb 10
Took bloods 4 days after my jab.

My result before cycle were naturally
Test 33nmol/l
e2 116 pmol/l
free test 0.62
shgb 45

I have made amazing progress over last 5 weeks gained 6kg but I start feeling fatigued no motivation to train and quality of sleep decreased drastically cant fall asleep and wake up through the night.

Should I up my test ?

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Are you taking anything else like an armoatase inhibitor?

Doesn’t seem to be a gear problem.

How much kcals are you eating?

How often, how long and with which intensity are you training?

Did you up your volume and frequency for the cycle?

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Its not the test unless your getting Ug fakes. im on 100 mg per week but i split into .5mg twice per week. on day 5 when it would be my dayprior to injection, my test is in the 700’s.

That’s not a lot of Primo, but maybe it’s suppressing your conversion to e2 a bit? I’d expect estrogen to be higher

Thanks for input guys.
I dont take ai and I train PPL with cardio 2x a week 20 min. I used to train 3 times a week upper/lower split but I thought gear will help me to recover faster I can do more. I do 2 exercise per muscle group 4-5 sets since its lockdown here in UK train in my garage. My cals are 2800 with occasional cheat days.